Monday, February 13, 2006

My Adventure of Having Adolescent Infatuations

We’ve woken up early on Saturdays or Sundays or rushed home from the sekolah agama to catch the latest episode off our favorite cartoons. The 80’s was filled with top quality cartoons as compared to what is being stuffed down our throats nowadays.

Let’s face it, Mr. Trekker and his Mobile Armored Strike Kommand battling the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem was more entertaining then watching a Cow and err… a Chicken.
Part of the attraction was due to the gorgeous, Aphrodite-like bevy of beauties whom did not fail to impress us in each and every episode. Though they're no replacement for the real thing, they've served as alluring fantasy figures for our pervy adolescent minds.

Here are my personal favorites of the top 5 cartoon babes of the 80’s;

#5. Judge J.B. - Bravestarr

Lock me up and charge me with first degree love.

J.B. was the highest ranking judicial officer in New Texas and thus making her a magnet of scum and villainy in the new frontier which resulted in her being rescued by Bravestarr in almost every episode.

A damsel in distress she may seemed, but she delivered her share of ass-kicking alongside the Marshall and his equine partner, 30/30. With her 'Hammer of Justice', she was the cartoon equivalent of Judging Amy, but with a cooler outfit and oozing sensuality from every stitch of her judge's uniform.

#4. Steel Heart – Silverhawks

Emily Hart, along with her twin brother Will, flew alongside the other Silverhawks raining smackdowns from above to Mon Star and his cronies. Sure she was a cyborg and getting it on with her would be complicated enough as we didn’t know what part of her was flesh or metal.

Her metallic uniform accentuated her curves nicely, and you have to agree that she was so hot in that skin tight metal get-up. and boy what I’d give for chance to fly one over her cuckoo’s nest.

#3. Niko - Adv. Of the Galaxy Rangers

She had telekinesis. This babe could lift objects with her mind, create force-shields and look demure and hot whilst doing it. Her white Ranger uniform wasn’t bad as well. In addition she had clairvoyance so she would already know if your filthy intentions would be successful or not

Not a bad thing really.

Unfortunately, she was romantically likned with with Goose, the twin gun-toting Ranger throughout the series. I imagined him getting run over by a star cruiser most of the time.


#2. April O’ Neill, -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Did we lover her for her street smarts and a good nose for the news? Maybe. Did we love her because she delivered ass-whooping with our 4 mutant amphibian friends? Perhaps.
Or did we lover her for her tight, cute yellow one-piece jumpsuit? Definitely!

We owe so much to her in providing us some eye candy in a story where they had 5- foot amphibians battling a gooey brain-like alien and a guy naming himself after a kitchen appliance.

#1. Lady Jaye - GI Joe

Yo Joe!

This GI Jane fought for freedom over land and air with the other Joes, but she was the only one that made fighting COBRA looked good.

She was a bit butch though with her rugged look and short-cropped hair. She wasn't the best looking, as compared to Scarlett and the Baroness . but the fact that she fights injustice with half the buttons of her blouse undone ensures that it is Lady Jaye who comes in at #1.


I’d better do this before I get sued; thanks to the following sites for the kewl images!


Cosmic_GurL said...

Hey! What about Cheetara from Thundercats? I tot she was one hot chick!

teek said...

very good memory! i can only remember #2 clearly. #5 & 4, samar-samar.

[echoing cosmic] cheetara not in ur book? how about smurfet? heh heh

anisism said...

nih blog orang bujang ke nih?

KaiserSoze said...

hehehe..yummy april O'neil was my fav!

Desparil said...

niko was my fave.. i keep imagining i was goose.. but with a bigger gun.. aah, such were the days..

Sarclover said...

when i was 17, i came across a really hot naked french chick, Druuna.

with those double dees... MAAANNNN... i can turn gay in a flash dude...

P/s--> yes i am perverted in many ways more than 1

Sheema said...

Oi frog dude...turtles are reptiles lah, not amphibians...

And I vote for Cheetara too.

My adventure of not having a life started when I started reading this blog... ;-)

Invader Voobee said...

You peeps have got it wrong. Cheetara kalah when that new female thundera cat came in with the other 2 ones in the ThunderCats last season. Remember there was this one siberian tiger like thunderan and a old blind one?

Now that babe was hot!

chics said...

mesti masa ni baru lepas sunat kan?

kepala_angin said...

i like voltron and transformers. those dudes were mighty fine. hmm..

Invader Voobee said...

Congratulations on your Nikah bro. now when can i see a report on this new species you've encountered?

Sarclover said...

eh.. stop not having a life and update already laaaaa

9 said...

cheetara failed to make it to the list due to several reasons;
i. she was a CAT!
ii. she was hairy
iii. she looked weird when naked (as shown in the pilot ep of the show)

smurfet was a dumb, blonde smurf bimbo. the whole village should've tied her to a pole and burnt her.

p/s: handy smurf rocks!!

9 said...

not anymore

it was that pair of yellow jumspuit wasn't it? ;)

9 said...

no worries, i'm sure niko could make them bigger herself.. heh

ooooohhh, druuna...

9 said...

ooops, me bad. still they looked like frogs from acertain angle, don't they?

pumyra lah!

9 said...

it was abt *that* time, i guess.. hehe.

try to get the new transformers: armada and energon series, out now in dvds at a pirated seller near you.. :p

Annie D said...

Then what about She-Ra, or that red-headed chick from He-Man? She-Ra was lovely. :D

Mr & Mrs |mran said...

eh kewllll..but where`s the smurfs?

Muddy said...

oh april! how could i ever forgot about you??? ;P

9 said...

sure she was in a mini-skirt most of the time, but she was kinda 'sekepeng' a bit. maybe she could come in at no.7 or 8.

the red headed chick from he-man was Teela. she was a dish wasn't she? top 10 material, definitely.

9 said...

mr/mrs imran:
i hope u don't mean smurfette? see my comments to teek.

yes, how could u? :p

Stupe said...

i was in love with silverhawk...

dude, you are making me go down memory lane!!!

damn kaw nostalgic!