Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Nocturnal Excursion Invite To Babe & KA

Excerpt from the MNS monthly newsletter for Aug 2006;

Sat, 5 Aug: Night Walk @ Kota Damansara Community Forest Park, Selangor

This is a Herpetofauna Group activity organised for Selangor Branch members and residents of Kota Damansara (and the Coordinator’s blog buddies -9). The park offers an easy trek through the forest trail. You will search for herplife, namely frogs and snakes.

Meet in front of SMK Section 10 Kota Damansara. Wear suitable outdoor clothes and hiking shoes. Bring insect repellent and torchlight. Refer to the May issue of the newsletter for the map to the park (I’ll post it up later when I figure out how to use the office scanner thingy -9)

Time: 8pm

Please contact the Group Coordinator; Hurnain Hamid at

Attention: Since both of them only want me for themselves, this invite is only in exclusive for Babe and KA. (Pssst.. the rest of you are invited as well but don't tell these two that I invited you guys as well.... make it like you're there by accident .. heh)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Adventure of Breeding Rodents II

It has been almost 3 months now since I ventured into the rodent breeding excursion. Much has happened and almost akin to an episode of one of those South American (SA) soap operas, it has had murder, death, heartbreak, cover-ups etc. Remember the two hamsters we had, Bart & Ene? Remember I mentioned that we had suspected that Ene was pregnant. Well, our suspicions were true. She was.

Then Bart died.

How Bart died was a mystery in itself. I woke up one late Saturday afternoon to find Bart dead, half his body trapped between the cage-door. Now, we had made it habit in leaving the cage outside our room because hamsters being nocturnal, would be making a bloody racket around 3am – 6am, playing on their wheel and such. We suspected foul play. The suspects were the Missus’ nephews, whom her mum baby-sat for on weekends. Further investigation revealed nothing. No one was talking. Everyone denied knowledge. We smelled a cover-up.

I buried Bart outside our bedroom window.

We were worried that Ene might die of heartbreak as it is the norm for hamsters of this particular species but fortunately, she gave birth the very next day. And thus, for the next 2 weeks, she had been a single mother, raising 5 children on her own. We watched them grow up, hand-fed and tamed them till the point that they’ve recognized our voices.

Then the owner wanted them back. The initial agreement was to breed them and we would get one hamster as service fee. Demmit! We had to return them, minus one. We stalled the owner as long as we could, for almost 3 weeks in fact but the day came when we had to face the reality that we had to be parted from the whole family.

So, now we’re left with only one. The Missus had grown attached to on hamster, a male and the largest in the litter. We aptly named him Chubby. Chubby was the most tamed, and closest to the Missus and thus we had negotiated to have him.

So, today the Missus and I are going to look for a girlfriend for Chubby as well as new accommodations. We intend to breed more cute 'lil hamsters but this time round, the hamsters will be ours… and our alone.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Adventure of Being a Petaling Street Hooligan

picture courtesy of Hantu Bola & S-kay

Yesterday, the resident surfers of Hantu Bola blog, Petaling Street Hoolies came together to play Futsal in our very own, 1st Futsal Meet at the Sports Barn in PJ, to finally put our money where our mouth were.

Try being the first one to arrive and going to the Sports Barn staff,

“Boss, ada booking untuk Hantu Bola tak pukul 7 nih?”

Fortunately, he didn’t take it as strange and was rather non-committal in hearing such a weird (and funky) name. Either the blog is reaaally famous or most of his customers use weirder names to book the courts. So here’s a bit of observation from last nite’s futsal session;

#1. The lads were polite. Which is quite strange if you think about it really, considering that we give stick and tear into each other, prominent individual players of various clubs and a certain local footie pundit on TV? It was all, ‘How do you?’, ‘Looks like rain, old chap’ scenario.

#2. Naz is bigger in real life.

#3. S-kay is thinner in real life.

#4. Anttyk plays right midfield, gammy leg and all.

#5. KY is a guy and not a chick.

#6. KY always tries for a screamer (even passing to a teammate 3 yards next to him)

#6. Eyeris has the skill and stamina but couldn’t hit a cows’ arse with... you know the saying. :p

#7. That was Scorkes last nite!?! Duh!

#8. That was Suanie last nite?!? Duh!

#9. I’m out of shape and my fitness is koyak.

#10. Din’s fitness is more koyak than me. Heh.

So, here’s to our next Futsal meet, where I’ll try to play up-front, being ‘9’ and hopefully remember to bring along my contact lenses. I was partially blind for most of the time last night. *cheh, last shot at excuse for being koyak*.

My legs hurt, and my back is killing me. I need a back rub from the Missus. Now, where’s that minyak gamat of mine.