Friday, July 21, 2006

My Adventure of Being a Petaling Street Hooligan

picture courtesy of Hantu Bola & S-kay

Yesterday, the resident surfers of Hantu Bola blog, Petaling Street Hoolies came together to play Futsal in our very own, 1st Futsal Meet at the Sports Barn in PJ, to finally put our money where our mouth were.

Try being the first one to arrive and going to the Sports Barn staff,

“Boss, ada booking untuk Hantu Bola tak pukul 7 nih?”

Fortunately, he didn’t take it as strange and was rather non-committal in hearing such a weird (and funky) name. Either the blog is reaaally famous or most of his customers use weirder names to book the courts. So here’s a bit of observation from last nite’s futsal session;

#1. The lads were polite. Which is quite strange if you think about it really, considering that we give stick and tear into each other, prominent individual players of various clubs and a certain local footie pundit on TV? It was all, ‘How do you?’, ‘Looks like rain, old chap’ scenario.

#2. Naz is bigger in real life.

#3. S-kay is thinner in real life.

#4. Anttyk plays right midfield, gammy leg and all.

#5. KY is a guy and not a chick.

#6. KY always tries for a screamer (even passing to a teammate 3 yards next to him)

#6. Eyeris has the skill and stamina but couldn’t hit a cows’ arse with... you know the saying. :p

#7. That was Scorkes last nite!?! Duh!

#8. That was Suanie last nite?!? Duh!

#9. I’m out of shape and my fitness is koyak.

#10. Din’s fitness is more koyak than me. Heh.

So, here’s to our next Futsal meet, where I’ll try to play up-front, being ‘9’ and hopefully remember to bring along my contact lenses. I was partially blind for most of the time last night. *cheh, last shot at excuse for being koyak*.

My legs hurt, and my back is killing me. I need a back rub from the Missus. Now, where’s that minyak gamat of mine.


Keropok said...

Sounds like it was one helluva meet.

Must try and come the next time, and prove all MU fans are kaki bangku!

Din said...

Argh. Next time I'll just whack the ball into goal. Ahaks.

anisism said...

sapa jaga gol?
i nak pi, pakai kain pelikat.

9 said...

yes, please do.

ya, for the 1st min or so.. :p

come la wei..

Ms J said...

and can i join this futsal club thingie magie??? but i insist on wearing a skirt and pink lipstick.

anttyk said...

I play right midfield because my left leg is useless. Heh heh heh.

Doreen said...

Hey, at least you guys look normal! I mean size wise. The last I played futsal, there were 6 and 7 footer men towering above me and I panicked. Big time. So I never showed up again.

9 said...

please do. i'm sure the other lads wudn't mind as well. :p

not b'coz u too was koyak..? heh.

mr. singh there was the only 6 footer. the rest of us were all very cute.. size-wise. :p

anttyk said...


Pfffbbbrrrttt!! :p

KY said...

not my fault i have 2 left legs ok? :P

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