Monday, January 29, 2007

My Weekend Nocturnal Excursion in FRIM

If you noticed, the greatest football club in the world has been taking up much of my blog space lately. The absence of any of my usual weekend nocturnal excursions may be due to ESPN's practice of carrying a live telecast of each and every one of Liverpool's matches.

Considering that this blog had been created to detail my exploits with our local wildlife, I had dusted-off my herp kit and proceeded to one of my excursion sites with my trustee assistant right after the M'sia v Singa-poo game on Saturday.

Who did I meet?

No, these are not the lads and lasses of HantuBola nor are they pics of Anttyk on a bad-hair day. These are the usual suspects found during one of my nocturnal excursions.

So, any takers for the next trip? Heh.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Kopite's Adventure in Putting His Foot Down

Our win over Chelsea and our subsequent celebrations of Man United getting their fillings knocked out of their proverbial stockings had been the centre of a certain controversy lately.

Some Mancs (not all mind you, only certain sections) had been really miffed (miffed?) at the thought of us Liverpool fans celebrating their loss to the Arsenal, digressing specifically that we Liverpudlians had suddenly suffered an overnight amnesia attack, a sudden loss of memory to the fact that that Arsenal had stuffed us out of two cup competitions over the last month.

All I can say is that it seems that certain fans could not cope with the pressure of being on the receiving end of the barracking, especially after they had so joyful gave us tons of crap before.

Being the typical Scouser I would just like to say;


The fact of the matter is even with the recent loss, Man United is still on top and Chelsea is second.

No need to go sensitive.

We do not hate nor do we love Arsenal. We respect them.. because we are like that.

We dislike Man United, but only for the simple reason that people from Greater Manchester and those living in the Merseyside area have never gotten along well.... and because of Phil Neville.

We still believe that we could win the title this year. As long as it is mathematically possible to do so, we will be behind the Mighty Redsall the way. No matter what anyone say…. because we are like that.

Of course, to do so, we need others to fall.

When the last game is played and we find ourselves out of the equation, we would still stand up and applaud the newly-crowned Champions as well as our closest rival for a great season played.

No hard feelings… because we are like that.

So, say what you have to say. Tell us we’re shite. Tell us that we stole our anthem from you. Tell us that everyone hates us. Whatever.

We’ll just smile and proceed to belt out a rendition of 'You’ll Never Walk Alone'…. because we are like that.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Liverpool's Adventure of Stuffing Maureen-Ho's Men

This scoring lark is pretty easy, innit?

Dirk: Nice goal, but pity 'bout the haircut though
JP: Hah! At least its better than Mark's
Stevie: *Growl* Where's Bollocks? I'm off to kick him some more.

To all Chelski and Manure fans out there who have been giving us some hard time these past few weeks. Especially when we lost that Carling Cup tie with the Gooners. Completely hopeless were we? You lot had a good laugh about it didn't you? Well, here's to you lot.....


Anyways, heckling aside, what made last Saturday's result even more special was that it was Rafa's 100th game in-charge, and what did he do? He gave us a win over Chelski. Not bad, considering we have never beaten those tossers in the league before, not since Maureen-Ho took over at Chelski.

The lads played some of the best football this season. Carra was magnificent at the back, Pennant looked like the winger which Rafa had hoped him to be, Kuyt ran his pants off like he usually does and Gerrard bossed the midfield as if it was his own backyard.

Special rendition of 'Stamford Bridge is Falling Down' is over at Lily's page. Heh. Knock yourself out. I know I did.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Adventure of Staying Calm

Looked like a tennis score, eh?

I am not treating this as the end of the world and although I did abstain from looking at the back pages of our national dailies today, I'm not going to start by slagging-off Rafa or the lads. We just need to see it as what it is; our youngsters are not as good what the Gooners have at their Shenley U.N. refugee camp. End of story.

What bloody crisis? We still have that date with Barca at the Nou Camp in February and are currently 3rd with Manure's 14 point lead to overhaul. Easy. :p

However I hope Senor Benitez realises that although we may have a big squad, we severely lack depth. That is why we got stuffed. Sort it out, Rafa!

Mind you, I pity Watford because they're the ones we're going to vent our frustrations on this Saturday.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Adventure of Seeking 'The Truth'

Last Sunday morning during the Liverpool-Arsenal 3rd Round FA Cup tie at Anfield, you would have noted that the opening 6 minutes of the tie was played against a backdrop of fans sitting on the Kop terrace holding up a mosaic spelling 'The Truth'. To those of you who are absolutely clueless about it, do not fret, I will explain.

On 15th April 1989, thousands of the travelling Kop visited Hillsborough stadium for the Semi-Final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. 96 did not return.

So, last Sunday, singing their hearts out, and chanting incessantly, ‘Justice for the 96’, the Liverpool supporters were appealing for the justice they felt for those who lost their lives during the Hillsborough tragedy, but never received any. The inspiration for the idea came from the organisers of the newly launched “Reclaim The Kop” or RTK for short, campaign.

You see, part of Liverpool FC’s uniqueness is its famous Spion Kop, which is steeped in history and tradition. For the past few years, it was noted that there was a decline in the high standards of support at Anfield. Alarmed by this the fans decided to form an action group in a bid to help re-create the famous Anfield atmosphere of old by reminding the latest custodian and younger fans of some of the Kop’s basic principles.

With the campaign steadily gathering pace, the first ever Kop Charter was drawn -up and on - 1 January 2007 – it was officially declared that the campaign to 'Reclaim The Kop', well and truly open. To have a better look at the Kop Charter, go here. Yes, even you Man Yoo fags can go and have a look.

The call for justice for the families of those who died is under Charter #6.

We may have lost the tie to 3 soft goals as our defence went to sleep on each occasion but as I’ve mentioned before; the Kop is unique. It is one-off. We innovate, and the other supporters follow. If there is one thing that sets us apart as fans, it’s this battle-cry and ritual, our hymn of triumph, and occasional defiance of pain. It is our anthem; You’ll Never Walk Alone.

3-1 down in a cup tie, with barely a few minutes left on the clock, we continued to proudly sing, we sang it slowly & loudly and with heartfelt emotion, right to the end, scarves held high.

I am proud to call myself a Liverpool supporter for the last 21 years.