Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Adventure of Staying Calm

Looked like a tennis score, eh?

I am not treating this as the end of the world and although I did abstain from looking at the back pages of our national dailies today, I'm not going to start by slagging-off Rafa or the lads. We just need to see it as what it is; our youngsters are not as good what the Gooners have at their Shenley U.N. refugee camp. End of story.

What bloody crisis? We still have that date with Barca at the Nou Camp in February and are currently 3rd with Manure's 14 point lead to overhaul. Easy. :p

However I hope Senor Benitez realises that although we may have a big squad, we severely lack depth. That is why we got stuffed. Sort it out, Rafa!

Mind you, I pity Watford because they're the ones we're going to vent our frustrations on this Saturday.


a babe of very little brain said...

waaah suddenly my life turned black when i came in here.

true to its name: nocturnal.

dark and gloomy. and exciting!

Doreen said...

HAHAHA. I like your "I pity Watford..." line. You said it so matter-of-factly.

lilyliverbird said...

Faith can move mountains. And cow dungs.

p/s: thought I was in my blog lol

Desparil said...

i seem to remember a team that kena 5-0 and 6-3 early on in the season a while back. they clawed their way to win the league.

sapa tu ah?

p/s- i was backing you guys tau. how kalah so teruk one?

chics said...

takbe bang, hero selalu kalah dulu

anttyk said...

I like this template... Looks familiar somehow. *scratches head*

princesswaffzonkle said...

i also thot i went to lils' blog. lol.

9 said...

yes.. and i know how u like it dark. heh

3-0 without breaking a sweat. :p

9 said...


but mine has less/no pics of abang michael. hehe.


i reiterate. 14 pts is surpassable. :p

9 said...


mcm cerita hindustan la plak, ye?


i got bored with the all-white template.


no male bashing posts here though. heh.

Doreen said...

Heh. What's your score prediction for the upcoming clash with Mourinho's men? I'm thinking it will be a draw. But someone told me Chelsea will tah pau 2-0.

desparil said...

you go and tapau moanrinho's men dulu. then we can talk.

Keropok said...

Do us a favour, buddy. Ask Rafa to get his act together and do the business on Chelsea this weekend!

9 said...


i think the lads are up for this. we've done it b4 and we can do it again. especially now when chelsea hv casualties at the back.

2-1 to the Scousers.

Manure can do US a favour by losing to the Gooners.

hehe, jgn marah. P

Doreen said...

Eh, jangan lah. MU fans are rooting for Liverpool this weekend! ;P

So we must support-support each other! HAHAHAHA.

9 said...

if we beat maureen's men and u lot get buggered at the emirates, your 14 pt lead will be reduced to 11.

then when u play chelski again and lose, that 11 pt is reduced to 9pts.

of course we will hv to beat u at anfield, which we will, then its going to be only 6 pts.

so i'm hoping that you'll lose another game, at st. james perhaps, then draw 4 more... thus providing us the chance to overtake you in the league.

Desparil said...


you might as well pak lah suddenly becomes a workaholic lah.. you'd get better odds, man..

i'm predicting a draw for both games. liverpool to score first and chelsea equalise in the 98th minute. haha.

Desparil said...

aiya.. meant to say you might as well wish for..

9 said...

dh jadi mcm comment box hantu bola la pulak. heh.

lilyliverbird said...

actually nine, i think you should take over my place at HB. you game?

Doreen said...

HAHA, I would love to see 9 taking up residency at HB!

9 said...

eh, why so silent? des? doreen?

chelski to equalise 98th min, eh?

more like henry to head in the winner on 94th. *snicker*