Friday, January 26, 2007

A Kopite's Adventure in Putting His Foot Down

Our win over Chelsea and our subsequent celebrations of Man United getting their fillings knocked out of their proverbial stockings had been the centre of a certain controversy lately.

Some Mancs (not all mind you, only certain sections) had been really miffed (miffed?) at the thought of us Liverpool fans celebrating their loss to the Arsenal, digressing specifically that we Liverpudlians had suddenly suffered an overnight amnesia attack, a sudden loss of memory to the fact that that Arsenal had stuffed us out of two cup competitions over the last month.

All I can say is that it seems that certain fans could not cope with the pressure of being on the receiving end of the barracking, especially after they had so joyful gave us tons of crap before.

Being the typical Scouser I would just like to say;


The fact of the matter is even with the recent loss, Man United is still on top and Chelsea is second.

No need to go sensitive.

We do not hate nor do we love Arsenal. We respect them.. because we are like that.

We dislike Man United, but only for the simple reason that people from Greater Manchester and those living in the Merseyside area have never gotten along well.... and because of Phil Neville.

We still believe that we could win the title this year. As long as it is mathematically possible to do so, we will be behind the Mighty Redsall the way. No matter what anyone say…. because we are like that.

Of course, to do so, we need others to fall.

When the last game is played and we find ourselves out of the equation, we would still stand up and applaud the newly-crowned Champions as well as our closest rival for a great season played.

No hard feelings… because we are like that.

So, say what you have to say. Tell us we’re shite. Tell us that we stole our anthem from you. Tell us that everyone hates us. Whatever.

We’ll just smile and proceed to belt out a rendition of 'You’ll Never Walk Alone'…. because we are like that.


anttyk said...

Long live the stubborn scousers! Heh heh.

Doreen said...

HAHA. You are funny lah! Keropok juga! One a true scouser, the other so loyal to MU. And if you read Nocturnal Excursions and Dish Bish one after the other, it's quite a tickle. HAHAHA.

lilyliverbird said...

Good one!!! More effective than simply stealing their hubcabs he he