Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Adventure in Saving One of My Excursion Site

How nice. It seems that developers have started to move in by felling trees in the KL side of Bukit Gasing. Currently, they have just finished conducting soil testing and it's just a matter of time before the bulldozers come in. Another hillside development. Another case of cutting down a prefectly good hill to build, according to news on the grapevine, luxury bungalows.

140 mansions for who? The people? How are the people going to afford a RM1.5 million bungalow? Once again, greed has overcome common sense. So blinded are we to the terms of being a developed country, that we tend to overkill on that aspect. As a result, another hill is sacrificed.

Pertandingan placard tercantik.

How much are we earning from this, Datuk? Did we receive a big fat commission in approving the Developement Order? Did we not promise that there would be no more developement there, but then, you're stepping down, aren't you? It wouldn't hurt in putting some extra dosh into that retirement fund of yours, would it?

Or maybe, you're just plain stoopid.

Well, the point is that you had made a promise.

Lying weasel.

Leave my hill alone. Leave my frogs alone. Leave my snakes alone. Leave my lizards alone.

Go ahead with the development if you dare, but please do remember... that Payback is a Bitch with PMS.

For a bunch of protestors, they don't look very angry, do they?

Go here to fight the good fight.
On a lighter note;

Activity: Nocturnal Excursion
Time: 8.30pm
Date: 2, Dec 2006
Site: FRIM, Kepong

The forest research complex has always been and will forever be Herpetofauna SIG's most idealistic site for studying reptilesand amphibians. The time has come for us to once again venture into the Herp-friendly jungle of FRIM to seek and study these wonderful and elusive creatures.

Members who are interested in participating in the excursion, please send an e-mailto

Anyone interested? Ladies, I hear the guide is quite cute. Heh.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Adventure with a Weird Attempted Break-in II

Just as I was about to fall asleep, the Missus shook me awake. "Bunyi lagi la", she told me, and yes, I could hear the tapping again. The same bloody window. The same bloody tatoo.

Tap Tap Tap. Silent. Tap Tap Tap. Silent. Then it stopped.

Remembering what the policeman had mentioned, I signalled the Missus to stay calm while I went to the adjacent window and slowly peeked through there.


I asked the Missus (who had armed herself with a hammer from my toolbox) to stay in the room while I sneakily crept into the room next to ours (currently empty as the Missus' uncle is in KT for work), and took a peek from the window there.

Still nothing.

"F**k this", I told myself.

When I went back into our bedroom, the Missus looked at me anxiously and pointed at our twin french doors.

The tapping started there.

Dia main-main pintu lah pulak.

In a poignant flashback moment, I tried to remember what actually DID I see? Was it really an electrical wire tapping on the glass pane. It looked long and pointed, yes. Why did I not see the person or maybe his shadow? And why did I not see any footprints outside our window if it was a robber? Why did I not hear any footsteps or the sound of running feet when I shouted at the window previously?

We tried to sleep afterwards but it was a bit hard when the tapping, slow and barely audible, continued every hour until morning.

What was it then? Tree branch? There are no trees nor any foliage outside our window. A gecko perhaps? Eh, harlo. This is me. I'm the best person to recognize if it was indeed an animal of any kind.

Whats interesting to note is that the Missus and I went out at 12.30am that night for drinks and only came back an hour later. The malay culture is very sensitive of this and does not condone the practice of going out of the house too late at night, for facing the risk of something 'following' them home.

Being the adventurer extraordinaire and good looking chap that I am, I would usually take a bath immediately upon reaching home (as required from the petua) after a night's out of Frogging or Herping.

We went straight to bed that night after the mapleh outing.

Fortunately, there were no disturbance last night and we were able to get a good's night sleep. I am still in the dark over what the bloody hell happened that night, but suffice to say that there is no chance in hell of me going out of the house after 11pm from this day onward.

Those box of ciggies can bloody wait till tommorow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Adventure with a Weird Attempted Break-in

We had a bit of excitement at the house last night. It was about 1.30am and I was tucking in for the night. The Missus was doing her cross-stitch, like she does every night before going to bed. Me, being the penidur profesional will usually fall asleep before her.

We suddenly heard a tapping on the window. Very softly at first but it became louder as the seconds wore on. We both looked at each other in a confused manner, mind you, the same look I gave Senor Benitez when I saw his formation for last sunday's game against Arsenal by the way.

"Tap tap tap", it went.

It stopped then started again, this time even louder.

I pulled the curtains back a few inches and sneaked a peek at the window. I saw a white electrical wire tapping on the window but did not see the person nor his shadow/sillhoutte , just the wire. Now, our house had been the subject of various attempted break-ins previously but due to a good (and very loud) alarm system and a nutter with a machete in the house (aku la tuh, heh) those incidents remained only as 'attempts'.

Since white electrical wires should only be part of an electical cabling system, and are not used to tap at people's windows, I concluded (o.o1s to be precise, just like our friend the Space Cop) that it was some wanker trying to test the sensitivity of the alarm system by tapping on the window panes.

I gave a shout at the window, "Hoi, B*bi! Nak mampus ke?" or something to that effect and banged the window, which automatically set-off the alarm. I quickly went for my machete (good for cutting foliage whilst jungle trekking and disemboweling robbers) and started for the door but the Missus, who was clearly scared and frantic by now, stopped me from exiting the house and doing an 'Aragorn' on the culprit.

I then called the nearest Police Station to have them send a car to the house. We are currently staying with the Missus' family so by this time everyone was up, and we spent the next minute trying to calm everyone down. When the police came, they made a sweep of the garden but as I suspected, found no one. The police did not find any footprints outside our bedroom though, which to me was a bit strange considering that it was raining outside and the bugger's wet footprints should be clear on the dry pavement.

The two coppers advised me that next time when we were aware of an attempted break-in, to try not to scare off the culprits but to quietly call them in so that they could catch the bugger in action rather than setting off the alarm prematurely and scaring him/them off. I thanked them for coming, went back inside and re-armed the alarm.

It took us a while to return to bed as the Missus was clearly shaken by the ordeal. By the time I was snug underneath the duvet it was already 3am and I gave the incident no more thought. However, it was just when I started to fall asleep that the weird stuff started to happen....

Ooops, the climatic ending will be posted tommorow. Watch this space.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Adventure of Slagging Off Arsenal

The bloody server administrator is still blocking my attempts at Hantu Bola and as such, I am devoid of the wonderful world of insults, derogatory remarks , puns, sarcasm, back-stabbing, and all around drama swasta (not necessarily in that particular order).

I might as well do a posting of my own then, by walking down memory lane. I'm sure any Gooner fan would remember this particular incident, because any Scouser worth his salt wouldn't.

...but i was only giving 'im back his penny.

Why do you have a first name as a surname, son?

You would notice that in true Scouse fashion, young James Duncan Carragaher there didn’t take it lying down when he was affronted by a flying monetary trade implement. He was subsequently SENT OFF because he retaliated (as a Scousers are wont to do) by returning the same gesture back to the Gooner git who threw it in the first place.

Alan Hansen, Anfield legend and former captain of Liverpool and currently pundit extraordinaire made the now famous quote of ‘You won’t win anything with kids” after Manure lost their opening game to the Villans in Seasaon 95-96. Unfortunately, Manure and ‘Sir’ proved him wrong by winning the bloody double that year.

Fair enough, but am I insolent enough to mention that in actual fact the quote was wrongly directed and 10 years to soon?

Yes, I am. It should’ve been, ‘You won’t win anything with babies’.

Ref: Wot happened? Did big Andy Johnson elbow you in the head?
Van Pu$$y: Boo Hoo, no. Someone threw a coin at me. Waaaah..
I think the whole team needs to mandi bunga to get rid of the suweii. Losing 3-0 to a shite Arsenal team is unacceptable. Yes, Arsenal were shite, which means we played even shite-er. Lacklustre, to the point of being cowardly (yes marc, you!), Arsenal were playing 4-5-1 for f**k's sake, and you lot still allowed them 3 goals. F**k you!....

.... but then again, the lads weren't entirely at fault as there may be a possibility of Arsene playing dirty again;

Hallo Africa, tell me how you doing?

No wonder the lads were shite. Adebayour voodoo-ed the whole team, well except for Pepe of course. He's shite all the time.

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Adventure of Being Nostalgic

To those who remembered the good old days when life wasn't as complicated and hectic as now. Yup, it's that chap who can change his togs in about 0.01s.

Go on, admit it, you're singing along, aren't you? :p

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Adventure During Eid Celebrations II

Remember this from last year's Eid holidays? For those of you lazy buggers, who are too errr.. lazy to click the link, it was this time last year that I'd set some resolutions for this year's Eid celebrations. I did it because I realised that Raya wasn't as 'enjoyable' for a couple of years now. Let's face it, Raya has not been the same since we were kids, innit?

The said resolution was hoped to provide me with a more meaningful and fun Syawal. Well, pertaining to my resolutions, let's see how did I fare this year;

6 Things to Remember for Next Year’s Eid Celebrations

Resolution #1: Ensure that at least one Baju Melayu consists of its complete set.

Yup, I was pretty sorted with my attire for 1st Raya, considering it was the Missus who ironed them out and prepared them on Raya Eve had something to do with it. We even colour- coordinated our attire and looked so poyo that it made everyone menyampah. heh. :p

Resolution #2: Sleep early.

How could I with all those malay movies, artist AF4 in whatever concert they were in this time and old re-runs on the telly? The missus was helping mum in the kitchen so it was couch-potato time. Yay.

Oh, by the way, Farhan has put on a bit of weight since the AF final, don't you think?

Resolution#3: Wake-the-bloody-up at least before 9am so one will be able to perform the Eid prayers. To do so, see #2.

Considering that I didn't comply to #2, I still had the wife to wake me up that morning before the stipulated time period. I went straight to the kitchen, before going off to the mosque.

Resolution #4: Pace one-self whilst stuffing one’s face.

As if it is remotely possible, mate. I did no such thing. How could you say no to our annual Raya morning Laksa Johor binge? Then there's Ketupat, Nasi Himpit with Kuah kacang and rendang at my grandma's place. I stuffed my face silly with all those nice food. It screwed up my digestive system but it was bloody worth it. :p

Resolution #5. Try to watch more Malay movies.

Heh. Let's see now;

Bloody nice. Now I know why those old fags at the Censorship banned it initially. They couldn't understand it. Heh. A very 'Malaysian' movie.

Bloody nice too, but lagi slow. It was only halfway through before I realised that it wasn't really meant to be a sequel to Sepet but more of a re-telling using the same characters of the above-mentioned movie. ... or something of that sort. I'm very 'duh', so please excuse me. :p

Pontianak Haram Sondol Malam
Oi, can u not try to be annoying? Sikit2 'pulangkan!' , wei! rilek la.

In terms of horror movies, we're still not there yet.

Pontianak Haram Sondol Malam 2
It became merapu, this one. Dude, what's with the flying kuda kepang?

Lady Boss
WTF?!? The gardener's her father?

Jutawan Fakir
You know that you're going to be blind simply by watching it but unnervingly, find yourself unable to pry yourself away from doing so. Spooky.

Giler la, Abg. Castello. Now, every 10 yr old will want to become ' hero No. 1 Malaysia' when they grow up.

KL Mencirit
Rosyam can't pull of a rempit lah, he's too cultured, and you wondered how Lisdawati could be so naive-ly annoying in this.

KL Mencirit 1
They replaced Lisda with Erra and introduced Que Haider (who?). Yes, we have Rosyam as a rempit and Erra as a minah rempit. Totally believable, mate (Not!).

Resolution #6. Foreign workers sightseeing in the empty streets of KL are not potential road kills and must not be mowed down indiscriminately.

One Burmese, 3 Indonesians, 2 Bangladeshi and bus-load full Cambodians..... Kidding, the missus wouldn't let me. Spoilsport.

So that makes it 3/3. Alamak, draw lah.