Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Adventure with a Weird Attempted Break-in II

Just as I was about to fall asleep, the Missus shook me awake. "Bunyi lagi la", she told me, and yes, I could hear the tapping again. The same bloody window. The same bloody tatoo.

Tap Tap Tap. Silent. Tap Tap Tap. Silent. Then it stopped.

Remembering what the policeman had mentioned, I signalled the Missus to stay calm while I went to the adjacent window and slowly peeked through there.


I asked the Missus (who had armed herself with a hammer from my toolbox) to stay in the room while I sneakily crept into the room next to ours (currently empty as the Missus' uncle is in KT for work), and took a peek from the window there.

Still nothing.

"F**k this", I told myself.

When I went back into our bedroom, the Missus looked at me anxiously and pointed at our twin french doors.

The tapping started there.

Dia main-main pintu lah pulak.

In a poignant flashback moment, I tried to remember what actually DID I see? Was it really an electrical wire tapping on the glass pane. It looked long and pointed, yes. Why did I not see the person or maybe his shadow? And why did I not see any footprints outside our window if it was a robber? Why did I not hear any footsteps or the sound of running feet when I shouted at the window previously?

We tried to sleep afterwards but it was a bit hard when the tapping, slow and barely audible, continued every hour until morning.

What was it then? Tree branch? There are no trees nor any foliage outside our window. A gecko perhaps? Eh, harlo. This is me. I'm the best person to recognize if it was indeed an animal of any kind.

Whats interesting to note is that the Missus and I went out at 12.30am that night for drinks and only came back an hour later. The malay culture is very sensitive of this and does not condone the practice of going out of the house too late at night, for facing the risk of something 'following' them home.

Being the adventurer extraordinaire and good looking chap that I am, I would usually take a bath immediately upon reaching home (as required from the petua) after a night's out of Frogging or Herping.

We went straight to bed that night after the mapleh outing.

Fortunately, there were no disturbance last night and we were able to get a good's night sleep. I am still in the dark over what the bloody hell happened that night, but suffice to say that there is no chance in hell of me going out of the house after 11pm from this day onward.

Those box of ciggies can bloody wait till tommorow.


Leen Ash Burn said...

Tamar Jalis eatchor heart out! I guessed correct, kan, kan kan?

Tapi tak boleh tahan seh with this:
Being the adventurer extraordinaire and good looking chap that I am, hahahahah very the takde kena mengena okay!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

itu aje?


come on now, simpan janggut. i'm sure you can be a good-looking gimli.

please? for me???

9 said...

i tried to describe the character in the story a bit more specific. although, i think it's a bit redundant b'coz i know everyone is aware of how good looking i am. :P

banyak cekadak la moosehead sorang nih. heh.

Anonymous said...

cerita hantu ke ni? *nyesal dengar*

Leen Ash Burn said...


raksaksabiskut said...

"Being the adventurer extraordinaire and good looking chap that I am, I would usually take a bath immediately upon reaching home (as required from the petua) after a night's out of Frogging or Herping"

that got me mengilai like Kak Pon
yg bertenggek atas pokok ketapang. :P

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

wei boogerface, trust me, you'll get more girls coming in here if you post your picture that has your facial hair looking scruffy and 'sexy.'

i now christen you Gimli of the Equator.

9 said...

tuan puteri:
thats just it, i'm not too sure what it was.


hv u ever saw a kak pon on a ketapang tree? mind u, u wudn't be laffing if u did.

9 said...

i still hv girls coming in here already, even without the beard. thank u very much.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

but you get the same old ones coming in here and we all know the real truth behind the so-called "handsome" face.

Anonymous said...

so why DO we come here again and again then eh?

mandrem ni ;p

9 said...

u lot are a tough crowd to please.

fine.. i'll grow a beard then... and i'll start to carry an axe around as well.

u wnt the scottish accent as well?

"and they call it a mine, a miiiiinnnee"

anttyk said...

Apalah! Suspense sungguh since the first post...

Mana tau, ending like that. Pfffbbbbbbrrrtttt! :)

raksaksabiskut said...

no i have not, sbb tu gelak :P
wait, have you met kak pon before??
hoh! this you have to tell us the story man!

9 said...

well, hellloooo.. i'm sorry that 'whatever it is' didn't come out of the closet and try to strangle me.

nantilah i cerita.

chics said...

alaaaaaaaaaa.tiba tiba teringat buku tamar jalais siri bercakap dengan syaitan.

don't ask me why

cikPijah said...

oiyy!! ape citer h.antu tader kasi warning awal2 nieh!! oiy!!! nenek tader nieee!!

9 said...

it's 'siri bercakap dgn jin' lah, or 'siri bercakap dgn leen'.

heh. either one, same je la tu.

cik pijah:
hehehe.. nenek takde ek? tinggal sorang kat rumah la nih. kurtain dh tutup rapat ke blom?

lilyliverbird said...

susah gak orang extraordinarily handsome ni ek? gi mana2 pun orang ikut balik :D

mak budak mudah alih said...

enche sembilan, kirim salam maut anda sudah disampaikan dengan selamat.

Sekian terima kasih.

Lain kali sebelum tidur tu, basuh kaki dulu. :P

9 said...

itu la pasal. :p

tima kasih.

suzequatro said...

mimpi ni..mimpiii..

anttyk said...

Update. Update. Update.

Anonymous said...

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