Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Adventure with a Weird Attempted Break-in

We had a bit of excitement at the house last night. It was about 1.30am and I was tucking in for the night. The Missus was doing her cross-stitch, like she does every night before going to bed. Me, being the penidur profesional will usually fall asleep before her.

We suddenly heard a tapping on the window. Very softly at first but it became louder as the seconds wore on. We both looked at each other in a confused manner, mind you, the same look I gave Senor Benitez when I saw his formation for last sunday's game against Arsenal by the way.

"Tap tap tap", it went.

It stopped then started again, this time even louder.

I pulled the curtains back a few inches and sneaked a peek at the window. I saw a white electrical wire tapping on the window but did not see the person nor his shadow/sillhoutte , just the wire. Now, our house had been the subject of various attempted break-ins previously but due to a good (and very loud) alarm system and a nutter with a machete in the house (aku la tuh, heh) those incidents remained only as 'attempts'.

Since white electrical wires should only be part of an electical cabling system, and are not used to tap at people's windows, I concluded (o.o1s to be precise, just like our friend the Space Cop) that it was some wanker trying to test the sensitivity of the alarm system by tapping on the window panes.

I gave a shout at the window, "Hoi, B*bi! Nak mampus ke?" or something to that effect and banged the window, which automatically set-off the alarm. I quickly went for my machete (good for cutting foliage whilst jungle trekking and disemboweling robbers) and started for the door but the Missus, who was clearly scared and frantic by now, stopped me from exiting the house and doing an 'Aragorn' on the culprit.

I then called the nearest Police Station to have them send a car to the house. We are currently staying with the Missus' family so by this time everyone was up, and we spent the next minute trying to calm everyone down. When the police came, they made a sweep of the garden but as I suspected, found no one. The police did not find any footprints outside our bedroom though, which to me was a bit strange considering that it was raining outside and the bugger's wet footprints should be clear on the dry pavement.

The two coppers advised me that next time when we were aware of an attempted break-in, to try not to scare off the culprits but to quietly call them in so that they could catch the bugger in action rather than setting off the alarm prematurely and scaring him/them off. I thanked them for coming, went back inside and re-armed the alarm.

It took us a while to return to bed as the Missus was clearly shaken by the ordeal. By the time I was snug underneath the duvet it was already 3am and I gave the incident no more thought. However, it was just when I started to fall asleep that the weird stuff started to happen....

Ooops, the climatic ending will be posted tommorow. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

aiya.. ada sambungan ke? suspen ni.

my house has also gone thru attempted break-ins countless times. a shotgun will be most handy :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

start growing beard, you'll look just like gimli.

9 said...

saje je kasi saspen. heh. :p

9 said...

just wat r u tying to imply? heh.

Anonymous said...

it was a tree branch wasnt it?

9 said...

cik puteri:
there's no tree outside the window.

Desparil said...

dei... cepat la..

Leen Ash Burn said...

hantu kah?

che'fara said...

aiyah main sesambung pulakk.

dah jangan tidoq jer, pi sambung kaih.

cyber-red said...

weird stuff? raises eyebrow..

chics said...

pencuri ke hantu itu?
demmit aku tak sedar hari tgh malam sekarang

lita said...

fwahh, got cliffhanger one!!

9 said...

sabar, sabar... :p

the truth is out there...in chapter 2.

9 said...

thrillers need to be in 2 parts. heh.

u don't know the half of it. :p

memang sengal sbb kena tunggu for the next chapter. :)

trueblue said...

aiseh..potong stim la u ni..Dah tak sabar nak tau ending dah ni