Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Adventure of Tracking Down a Hit-and-Run

If  my(failing) memory serves me well, FHM or Cosmpolitan or GQ,  (I’m not too sure which one but it was one of those publication which always had those hot hootchie mamas as their cover), once did a survey on what would a person do if they dented someone else’s car by accident, and with no witnesses. Unfortunately, Malaysians ranked as one of many who will bugger off, and do a Wile-E-Coyote without having the decency to leave a note or admit to their wrongdoing.

Last Saturday, Lawyer friend parked her car in PJ as she was rushing for her duty as bridesmaid. When she came back, she found her driver’s door smashed in. Culprit had ran off thinking he/she could get away with it. However, culprit made a very big mistake. They were witnesses.

Therefore,  Silver Waja WKB7973, run if you can. We have your address. JPJ was more than helpful to furnish us with the information.  It would be wise for you to owe up to your deceit. Come clean. We promise not to hurt you… too badly.

Silver Waja, WKB7973, be rest assured many eyes will be looking and searching a car depicting my description. There is nowhere for you to run or hide my friend.    

Friday, August 19, 2005

My Adventure of Finding A Name For Our Yahoo Group

Trusty assistant wants to create a yahoo group for Herpetofauna SIG. There, reptile enthusiasts are able to share information, swap pictures of herplife as well as be informed of future activitiesof the group.

I had thought that it was initially a good idea. An over-crowded mailbox nonetheless but I was tired of receiving mails containing subjects of, "College girl candy wants to be your friend", or "Are you feeling horny yet?".The thing is, I wouldn't mind getting to know 'Candy' or her other misbehaving college dorm-mates. Unfortunately, I have this weird feeling that 'Candy' in RL is in actual fact a bearded, cross-dressing, 37 year old man with a 40-inch beer gut. The ones you find in abundance near the Taiping lake.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the yahoo group thingy. Well, trusty assistant wanted a cool name for it and had requested for feedback from other MNS members. As I said earlier, a good idea at the time, until I saw the actual feedback:-

Kermit& Gang
Kermit d' Fwog

I think I'll have a bit of rest under my table right now.              

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Adventure of Nearly Missing a Deadline

Phew, I had nearly missed the MNS newsletter deadline yesterday. I sent the announcements a few days late after the deadline last month, and angry editor chick who runs the publication wasn't too pleased. I chase frogs, snakes and lizards as a hobby and the more dangerous the animal, the more excited I am to fool around with them (women included).

However, somehow or some way, angry editor chick has the ability to turn me into a scared little boy. Thus, with the help of trusty assistant as proof reader, and several agonising drafts, I was able to send out the announcements, just in time for publication.

Frogging trips to Bukit Gasing and FRIM on the 10th & 14th September respectively, as well as a trip to Malacca to visit the WWF turtle sanctuary makes my schedule, your friendly neighborhood Scouser, very full  indeed for the month of September.