Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Adventure of Nearly Missing a Deadline

Phew, I had nearly missed the MNS newsletter deadline yesterday. I sent the announcements a few days late after the deadline last month, and angry editor chick who runs the publication wasn't too pleased. I chase frogs, snakes and lizards as a hobby and the more dangerous the animal, the more excited I am to fool around with them (women included).

However, somehow or some way, angry editor chick has the ability to turn me into a scared little boy. Thus, with the help of trusty assistant as proof reader, and several agonising drafts, I was able to send out the announcements, just in time for publication.

Frogging trips to Bukit Gasing and FRIM on the 10th & 14th September respectively, as well as a trip to Malacca to visit the WWF turtle sanctuary makes my schedule, your friendly neighborhood Scouser, very full  indeed for the month of September.          

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