Friday, August 19, 2005

My Adventure of Finding A Name For Our Yahoo Group

Trusty assistant wants to create a yahoo group for Herpetofauna SIG. There, reptile enthusiasts are able to share information, swap pictures of herplife as well as be informed of future activitiesof the group.

I had thought that it was initially a good idea. An over-crowded mailbox nonetheless but I was tired of receiving mails containing subjects of, "College girl candy wants to be your friend", or "Are you feeling horny yet?".The thing is, I wouldn't mind getting to know 'Candy' or her other misbehaving college dorm-mates. Unfortunately, I have this weird feeling that 'Candy' in RL is in actual fact a bearded, cross-dressing, 37 year old man with a 40-inch beer gut. The ones you find in abundance near the Taiping lake.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the yahoo group thingy. Well, trusty assistant wanted a cool name for it and had requested for feedback from other MNS members. As I said earlier, a good idea at the time, until I saw the actual feedback:-

Kermit& Gang
Kermit d' Fwog

I think I'll have a bit of rest under my table right now.              


Anonymous said...

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Idlan said...


Tu yang plg besh

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

kaki katak is good. tastes good too. go for kaki katak!!!

ps. congratulations on your new home. told ya your interior decorator was taking a bit too long to redecorate.

kepala_angin said...


Kermit&Gang sounds cool, you guys will be the chicks magnet. ;-)

9 said...

keep 'em coming.. i already hv the name and the mailing list is up and running but want to see what ur feedbacks are like.

9 said...

keep 'em coming, i'd like to see what the feedback from you guys are like..

Elina said...

LOL - I love Rribbit and OngOngGedekGedekGedek!!!!