Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Adventure in Saving One of My Excursion Site

How nice. It seems that developers have started to move in by felling trees in the KL side of Bukit Gasing. Currently, they have just finished conducting soil testing and it's just a matter of time before the bulldozers come in. Another hillside development. Another case of cutting down a prefectly good hill to build, according to news on the grapevine, luxury bungalows.

140 mansions for who? The people? How are the people going to afford a RM1.5 million bungalow? Once again, greed has overcome common sense. So blinded are we to the terms of being a developed country, that we tend to overkill on that aspect. As a result, another hill is sacrificed.

Pertandingan placard tercantik.

How much are we earning from this, Datuk? Did we receive a big fat commission in approving the Developement Order? Did we not promise that there would be no more developement there, but then, you're stepping down, aren't you? It wouldn't hurt in putting some extra dosh into that retirement fund of yours, would it?

Or maybe, you're just plain stoopid.

Well, the point is that you had made a promise.

Lying weasel.

Leave my hill alone. Leave my frogs alone. Leave my snakes alone. Leave my lizards alone.

Go ahead with the development if you dare, but please do remember... that Payback is a Bitch with PMS.

For a bunch of protestors, they don't look very angry, do they?

Go here to fight the good fight.
On a lighter note;

Activity: Nocturnal Excursion
Time: 8.30pm
Date: 2, Dec 2006
Site: FRIM, Kepong

The forest research complex has always been and will forever be Herpetofauna SIG's most idealistic site for studying reptilesand amphibians. The time has come for us to once again venture into the Herp-friendly jungle of FRIM to seek and study these wonderful and elusive creatures.

Members who are interested in participating in the excursion, please send an e-mailto

Anyone interested? Ladies, I hear the guide is quite cute. Heh.


anttyk said...

Damn. Pissed me off no end these dumbass officials.

The link is wrong, 9.

Anonymous said...

dont cut gasing down! where else to steam up a car?

Anonymous said...


(and that wasn't meant for you 9)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

it's always on the KL Side that is giving problem. and each time this happens, there'll be talks about gazetting the KL side into a green lung. and as far back as i can remember (must be 15 years now), officials keep saying that they will gazette the KL side as green lung. and yet, there are still development, legal or otherwise, taking place there.

9 said...

link sudah diperbaiki. :p

yup, where else? heh.

bahan kelabu:
i hope not. haha.

the problem is DBKL owns quite a chunk of land on the KL side. there is some potential for income there. thats why have yet to gazzette it till now.

lilyliverbird said...

Save Bukit Gasing. It's a national treasure. Many a children were conceived there.

anttyk said...

Lily included? ;)

9 said...

apologies for the spamming thingy. such comments shud be maintained in a political themed blog and not in this charming, good looking and adventurous blog.

there is nothing more 'muhibah' than malays, chinese,& indians coming together to voice out enviromental issues, as we see in this post.

cikPijah said...

nieh one of those blog entry bangsa yang masuk bakul angkat diri ker ? :p