Friday, November 10, 2006

My Adventure of Slagging Off Arsenal

The bloody server administrator is still blocking my attempts at Hantu Bola and as such, I am devoid of the wonderful world of insults, derogatory remarks , puns, sarcasm, back-stabbing, and all around drama swasta (not necessarily in that particular order).

I might as well do a posting of my own then, by walking down memory lane. I'm sure any Gooner fan would remember this particular incident, because any Scouser worth his salt wouldn't.

...but i was only giving 'im back his penny.

Why do you have a first name as a surname, son?

You would notice that in true Scouse fashion, young James Duncan Carragaher there didn’t take it lying down when he was affronted by a flying monetary trade implement. He was subsequently SENT OFF because he retaliated (as a Scousers are wont to do) by returning the same gesture back to the Gooner git who threw it in the first place.

Alan Hansen, Anfield legend and former captain of Liverpool and currently pundit extraordinaire made the now famous quote of ‘You won’t win anything with kids” after Manure lost their opening game to the Villans in Seasaon 95-96. Unfortunately, Manure and ‘Sir’ proved him wrong by winning the bloody double that year.

Fair enough, but am I insolent enough to mention that in actual fact the quote was wrongly directed and 10 years to soon?

Yes, I am. It should’ve been, ‘You won’t win anything with babies’.

Ref: Wot happened? Did big Andy Johnson elbow you in the head?
Van Pu$$y: Boo Hoo, no. Someone threw a coin at me. Waaaah..
I think the whole team needs to mandi bunga to get rid of the suweii. Losing 3-0 to a shite Arsenal team is unacceptable. Yes, Arsenal were shite, which means we played even shite-er. Lacklustre, to the point of being cowardly (yes marc, you!), Arsenal were playing 4-5-1 for f**k's sake, and you lot still allowed them 3 goals. F**k you!....

.... but then again, the lads weren't entirely at fault as there may be a possibility of Arsene playing dirty again;

Hallo Africa, tell me how you doing?

No wonder the lads were shite. Adebayour voodoo-ed the whole team, well except for Pepe of course. He's shite all the time.


Desparil said...

hahahaha.. i remember alan hansen saying that.. on MOTD.. hahahaha..

9 said...

tehnically, he was rite, but then he couldn't foresee who the 'kids' were.. scholesy, becks and the nevilles, with kung fu eric leading the lot.

...and liverpool were in their spice boys heyday. heh.

anttyk said...

Eh? I thought I was reading hantubola for a minute there.

9 said...

as they say, 'if u can't read one, then write one'.. i think. :p

anttyk said...

Heh heh. I can helpch you here. Go to and register. Subscribe to the RSS feed for hantubola and you're all set! Can't helpch you with the comments though, because our darling headhantus adopted that infernal HaloScan thingy.

Anonymous said...

tak faham but leaving comments still. thank you.

lilyliverbird said...

Good read. Brought back the mammaries of our Spice Boys era.

Am gonna plug this in my blog.

skiver said...

LOL! Carra was actually hit with a 5p coin, thrown by a skinny little girl. Van Pussie was hit with a 2-pound coin, thrown by a Big Show-sized drunk :p

9 said...

thanks yous. i can now even see spiller's postings(read: big boobs).

no worries. i'll be surprise if u did. :p

9 said...

heh. there was nothing wrong with the lads then, we had Redders, Macca, Fowler and Incey. I guess Roy didn't have the flair to turn a team into world beaters.

see, even little girls are samsengs down there in london.

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