Friday, November 03, 2006

My Adventure of Being Nostalgic

To those who remembered the good old days when life wasn't as complicated and hectic as now. Yup, it's that chap who can change his togs in about 0.01s.

Go on, admit it, you're singing along, aren't you? :p


Desparil said...

i got the mp3. mau?

anttyk said...

damn. Brought back great memories. Gaban rocks! Can I have the mp3 desparil? Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

how's the new laptop?

cikPijah said...

dapat letak as ringing tone henpon ni best nieeeeee!! hihihi

9 said...

takpelah.. u pass it to antyyk la.. he looks like gaban anyway. heh.

anyttk: u look like gaban, urself.

9 said...

there were a few cracks on it, when u had it rite? :p

mintak dgn des.. i'm sure he has it as his main ringtone already. heh.

lilyliverbird said...


adidas has some new liv tshirts, white and red, no stupid collar, RM99 only...damn chun


Keropok said...

Man Utd is top baby, yeah...
Who would have thought it???

suzequatro said...'s so slow that i hear nothin..wats that all about?

anyways, selamat hari raya :)

9 said...

insolent boy! i will let my henchwoman, lily deal with you.

lily, settlekan mamat manure ini.


apa daa server lembap.. org lain bukak ok je..

fyi, space cop gaban punyer openin credits la.

Desparil said...

sapa mau the mp3.. please give me your email addresses..

gaban.. lalalalaa.. gaban.. oh yeahh..

kepala_angin said...

puas beraya?

9 said...

aku dh ader la boss. thnks anyway.

stock mercun takde la tahun nih. not 'sakan' enuff.

Invader Voobee said...

Gaban is De MAAANNN!!! Gaban pwns Chuck Norris anytime with his l337 sk33lz. Damn couldn't sound any geekier than that.

And yes Number Nine i have updated my blog so quit whining. I know you love my writing.