Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Adventure During Eid Celebrations II

Remember this from last year's Eid holidays? For those of you lazy buggers, who are too errr.. lazy to click the link, it was this time last year that I'd set some resolutions for this year's Eid celebrations. I did it because I realised that Raya wasn't as 'enjoyable' for a couple of years now. Let's face it, Raya has not been the same since we were kids, innit?

The said resolution was hoped to provide me with a more meaningful and fun Syawal. Well, pertaining to my resolutions, let's see how did I fare this year;

6 Things to Remember for Next Year’s Eid Celebrations

Resolution #1: Ensure that at least one Baju Melayu consists of its complete set.

Yup, I was pretty sorted with my attire for 1st Raya, considering it was the Missus who ironed them out and prepared them on Raya Eve had something to do with it. We even colour- coordinated our attire and looked so poyo that it made everyone menyampah. heh. :p

Resolution #2: Sleep early.

How could I with all those malay movies, artist AF4 in whatever concert they were in this time and old re-runs on the telly? The missus was helping mum in the kitchen so it was couch-potato time. Yay.

Oh, by the way, Farhan has put on a bit of weight since the AF final, don't you think?

Resolution#3: Wake-the-bloody-up at least before 9am so one will be able to perform the Eid prayers. To do so, see #2.

Considering that I didn't comply to #2, I still had the wife to wake me up that morning before the stipulated time period. I went straight to the kitchen, before going off to the mosque.

Resolution #4: Pace one-self whilst stuffing one’s face.

As if it is remotely possible, mate. I did no such thing. How could you say no to our annual Raya morning Laksa Johor binge? Then there's Ketupat, Nasi Himpit with Kuah kacang and rendang at my grandma's place. I stuffed my face silly with all those nice food. It screwed up my digestive system but it was bloody worth it. :p

Resolution #5. Try to watch more Malay movies.

Heh. Let's see now;

Bloody nice. Now I know why those old fags at the Censorship banned it initially. They couldn't understand it. Heh. A very 'Malaysian' movie.

Bloody nice too, but lagi slow. It was only halfway through before I realised that it wasn't really meant to be a sequel to Sepet but more of a re-telling using the same characters of the above-mentioned movie. ... or something of that sort. I'm very 'duh', so please excuse me. :p

Pontianak Haram Sondol Malam
Oi, can u not try to be annoying? Sikit2 'pulangkan!' , wei! rilek la.

In terms of horror movies, we're still not there yet.

Pontianak Haram Sondol Malam 2
It became merapu, this one. Dude, what's with the flying kuda kepang?

Lady Boss
WTF?!? The gardener's her father?

Jutawan Fakir
You know that you're going to be blind simply by watching it but unnervingly, find yourself unable to pry yourself away from doing so. Spooky.

Giler la, Abg. Castello. Now, every 10 yr old will want to become ' hero No. 1 Malaysia' when they grow up.

KL Mencirit
Rosyam can't pull of a rempit lah, he's too cultured, and you wondered how Lisdawati could be so naive-ly annoying in this.

KL Mencirit 1
They replaced Lisda with Erra and introduced Que Haider (who?). Yes, we have Rosyam as a rempit and Erra as a minah rempit. Totally believable, mate (Not!).

Resolution #6. Foreign workers sightseeing in the empty streets of KL are not potential road kills and must not be mowed down indiscriminately.

One Burmese, 3 Indonesians, 2 Bangladeshi and bus-load full Cambodians..... Kidding, the missus wouldn't let me. Spoilsport.

So that makes it 3/3. Alamak, draw lah.


Akak Bab said...

9, kenal malok @ abuya @shahrulnizam salleh? DIB 95-98 ITM Melaka...dia carik ko :D

9 said...

woit. apa la nak cari2. dah le kitaorang punya opis satu bangunan.. naik je lah tingkat 21.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

selamat hari raya.

peminat besor razak the bustard mohideen nampaknya?

bab said...

aisehh..cantek le tu..kalo meng'kopi' dgn malok kat LG tu ajak aku sekali..ngumpat sambil meng'kopi' hmm nyummm

9 said...

slmt hari raya to u too. :p

damn, that man makes the most horrible movies.


chics said...

oh my. i hate kl menjerit. kalaula i ade bf and die tunjuk medal yg dia menang sebab merempit untuk pujuk aku. memang kau makikan aje. ingat seet sangatla tu and yes..lisdawati mmg sangat annying. kenapala suara dia mcm tak makan sebulan?

anttyk said...

I thought Lady Boss was funny...

9 said...

ala.. baru nk tunjukkan u all my rempit medals. tak jadi la. heh.

yes, funny; weird, not funny; hahaha. :p