Monday, November 07, 2005

My Adventure During Eid Celebrations

6 Things to Remember for Next Year’s Eid Celebrations

#1. Ensure that at least one Baju Melayu consists of its complete set. (1) Songkok, (2) Sampin, (3) Baju & (4) Seluar. This is to prevent one from realizing some of the attire to be missing at the last minute and subsequently  having to utlilize a combination of the Baju Melayu shirt, 8 year old jeans and skullcap. This is also to prevent one’s mother being pissed.

#2. Sleep early.  Banging away on the PS2 with one’s brother until the wee hours of the morning is a deterrent to one’s ability to wake up early.

Note to self: There is no way one can beat a 17 year old who grew up whilst having the game pad permanently attached to their hand.

#3. Wake-the-bloody-up at least before 9am so one will be able to perform the Eid prayers.  To do so, see #2.

#4. Pace one-self whilst stuffing one’s face. Stomach need to adjust after one month of fasting.  Especially when one  shoves in the lethal combo of  laksa johor, ketupat, rendang , nasi himpit, and taken at one sitting.  Failure to do so will result in the frequent visit to loo of every house-owner.

#5. Try to watch more Malay movies. Government, Private as well Sattelite TV stations have paid a shite-load of money in purchasing the rights to show them. The least one can do is to brave through 2 hours of mind-numbing, shite acting and illogical plot lines.

#6. There are abso-bloody-loutely no cars on the road of KL during 1st Syawal. Bliss. Altough one must remember that them foreigners who have taken the opportunity to go  sightseeing, are not potential road kills and must not be mowed down indiscriminately.

How was your Raya celebrations?      


Anonymous said...
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teek said...

don't tell me u watched "sembilu 2005"??!


9 said...

teek: hehehe, that's for me to know and u to find out. ;)

kepala_angin said...

i missed everything on tv except for Gol & Gincu, itu pun pasal ada futsal. entertaining movie though tipu aa baru main can go to final already.

madnessinvain said...

Err..full of bowel constipations?


9 said...

KA: my first futsal game after ramadhan is tommorow (thursday).

abih la termuntah2 aku kt padang tu.

MiV: yup, if someone is "full of bowel constipation", u just tell them to, "go fornicate themselves". haha

SteLLaR said...

My one and only thing to remember for next year's eid celebration would be:
Never cut your hair at old skool haircut shop. It's disastrous!!!

Antonio Hicks said...
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Leen Ash Burn said...

I OD-ed on food. But 'sall good, yo.

9 said...

i am..: did u end up with a 'penan' haircut? that happened to me once.

leen: i think everyone OD'ed
on food lst week.

Sports Freak said...

9 - My solution to #1 is to wear the same white baju melayu* for Raya I have been wearing since I got married. Only the samping changes (can easily be borrowed from relatives i.e. father, uncles, cousins).

*bought it for my akad nikah, havent bought a new one since.

Inn said...

oh i tried that # 5. teman my grandma watch that pontianak show but tv3 cuts wayyyyyy to much la. i got OD on siti and mawi. ergh! dont ask. i didnt control the remote.