Friday, November 11, 2005

My Adventure of Being in an Awkward Position

Earlier this year, during my Blogdrive tenure, I wrote about a little piece of drama which happened to my friend, in which I inadvertently was involved.

One bit I failed to mention then, which made the drama so very the drama is that the friend’s former fiancée works in the same building as us. She’s on the 16th floor while we worked on the 20th.

This has resulted in many awkward moments, usually involving the lift.

Last Sunday, friend’s wife delivered a healthy baby boy. No worries on that.

The awkward moment surfaced yesterday morning while I was going down to the 3rd floor tuck shop to replenish my cigarettes.  It so happened that the lift (damn it to bits!) stopped at the 16th floor. I need not explain what happened next, do I?

Friend’s former fiancée engaged in small talk at first, but just as the bloody lift doors opened at the 3rd floor to provide me the escape that I was seeking,  she hit me with THE question,

“Dengar Izan* dah dapat baby?”

I gave her a really awkward smile and nodded my head, “Lelaki”.

“Oh ye ke?” she replied. Was that a hint of jealousy or regret in her eyes? I could not be sure.

“Baguslah, tu. Kirim salam kat diaorang ya?,” she added, eyes already moist.

I managed a short nod before the doors closed behind me.

Next time, I’m using the bloody fire escape.  

*bukan namo sebonar.  


Zed said...

sometimes being stuck in the lift with a hot babe can also be interesting... she looks at you, then you look at her hmmm. heh heh ackward can be fun too =) cheers.

maya said...

once been in lift with msian intl singer, her hubby n her teddy bear. gave her a courtesy hello but she just smiled and started to baby talk to her teddy and wierdly her hubby joined the play too (mb to avoid converstion wth me). i was like sooo confused. only the 3+1 of us in the lift n i tot mb i could joined them as a courtesy play, but ended up saying "oh! the bear can talk too ya..!" and then they gave me a look as if im the one whos crazy..

9 said...

maya: maybe u should've told them off, "kau orang ni giler ke apa?", when they started to talk to their teddy. =)

zed: there's this girl who works on the 10th floor and is a total babe. was in the lift with her just now. problem is.. masing2 kontrol hensem & maintain cun respectively. all the while main2 mata.

Sports Freak said...

somehow lifts are just akward.. similar to the male toilet (at the urinals).. no one speaks to each other unless they're friends..

Zed said...

9, nothing breaks the ice better then a simple smile and a "how are you"... works everytime heh heh

eszorro said...

Hey nain...

poor u.. i know how that can make u feel sometimes..

9 said...

sports freak: especially if u come in when u're director is having a piss at the urinal. ;)

zed: or u can use the 'gila-gila remaja' technique,
"hai cik adek, dah kawin ke blom, *sticks out tongue* uwekkk"

eszorro: as i said, i'm taking the stairs from now on.

Wong Ah Beng said...

Jikalau di dalam lift solang2 wa suka kolek hidung..

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

so we can expect a thinner and fitter 9 very soon?

shay said...

being stuck in the lift with Victoria's Secret model is much more better.

Drama air mata sungguh eh! siannya ex-fiancee sure balik tu meraungg takpon wailing sengsowang dlm toilet...poor her!

Inn said...

yikes! kesian gak kat dia. hope she'll learn to put her past behind.

9 said...

kucing oren: wa dlm lift suka picit whitehead plak.

babe: expect a 6 pack in a month's time.

shay: kalau masing2 still control gak, tak guna juga.

inn: no worries, heard that she has lots of admirers.