Monday, January 29, 2007

My Weekend Nocturnal Excursion in FRIM

If you noticed, the greatest football club in the world has been taking up much of my blog space lately. The absence of any of my usual weekend nocturnal excursions may be due to ESPN's practice of carrying a live telecast of each and every one of Liverpool's matches.

Considering that this blog had been created to detail my exploits with our local wildlife, I had dusted-off my herp kit and proceeded to one of my excursion sites with my trustee assistant right after the M'sia v Singa-poo game on Saturday.

Who did I meet?

No, these are not the lads and lasses of HantuBola nor are they pics of Anttyk on a bad-hair day. These are the usual suspects found during one of my nocturnal excursions.

So, any takers for the next trip? Heh.


Doreen said...

Do the frogs at FRIM jump on you?

Hurnain said...

yes and they usually go for the jugular or the nearest artery.

what la? the last thing they wnt to do is to jump towards a potential threat.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Er, no. Not at the moment. Perhaps after a Hunky Manly Man is strong enough to piggyback ride me on his back all the way around FRIM I'll consider.

Anyway, why do they all look bored? Macam, eleh, balik2 mamat ni tangkap gambar aku. Except for the big-eyed tersembul guy tu.

anttyk said...

Hahahaha very funny 9-ers. You just wait... :p

a babe with very big appetite said...

buat katak panggang sedap ni.

9 said...

i dh give up from ajak-ing u pergi jalan2 dlm hutan nih. bawak babe lg best! :p

jangan marah. gurau sahaja. heh.

haram di-makan haiwan dua alam ni.

Shahril said...

Wahhh -9-, senyap jek. Remember ur Kopite buddy? ;)

Din said...

I swear the last one looks like 9.

9 said...


ah kecoh la. pergi sokong barcelona tu. :p


which one looks like anttyk then? heh.

Babe Yang Best said...

you nak bawak i? pergi mana? makan satay? nak nak nak!!!!

Din said...

Heheh, anttyk is the little fellar humping your thumb.


9 said...

babe yg tak best:

takdo kojo den bawak ekau poi makan sate.


r u going to stand for this? he's saying u're a four-lined tree frog. the nerve of him.


Doreen said...

*gasp* jugular or artery? 9! that makes u the bravest man i know! hahaha.

lilyliverbird said... that your thumb's very errr...thick innit?

he he

Inn said...

woaaa... now br macam kenal balik this blog. the frogman is back! I tot i landed on the wrong blog the last time u know.

tooooots said...

aaa the kataks are so adowablee!!! now i want a pet katak.

the brightest and the deadliest.
then i can train em to kill people. and spawn a fleet of killer frogs.

woo wickiiid.

Shahril said...

Sombong kau ek 9... aku mana support Barce.. Valencia CF !

Liverpool won this morning against Khinzir Barat ! Nice goals from Kunyit & Crouch! hwa hwa hwa

anttyk said...

Woi! Apalah... Didn't do anything also kena. When is the next Hantubola footie session? I'll run rings around Din and 9. :p

9 said...

do plz pass the word around amongst you hottie girlfriends, ya.

heh, no lah. *blush*

9 said...

i'm back now. :p

shy girls cannot hv kataks as pets!

9 said...

sama la tu.. heh.

what did i do? *innocent look*

shahril garcia said...

Merseyside Derby is on this weekend! 9, better pray for the best!

SeXy TuRtLe said...


Singa-poo? Grr...

You owe me a kiss.

princesswaffzonkle said...

katak mata orange tu cute. but if i see in real life i wont feel the same.

9 said...

shahril crouch:
come on u reds, get stuck in!!!

9 said...

miss turtle:
i owe u wot? singa-poo! singa-poo!singa-poo! :p

puteri whatsits:
wot abt the person who was holding the frog? heh.

FYI. the common name for that partulcar frog is in fact "orange-eyed frog". go figure.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun! i used to catch toads that wander off into my house hehe..

princesswaffzonkle said...

the only thing i can tell abt the one holding the amphibian is that he has very nice hands :) weekend ni clip those nails ok flo jo.

Invader Voobee said...

Finalleh some real posting. Saya mau ikut one of these days oo abang 9.

Neways, since you were asking yesterday, here's my company's website url. Do download our Sneak peek and/or Teaser videos. Tell us whatcha think.

nadia said...

if u lose ur way, gimme a call.
sometimes, i want to be lost too.