Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Adventure of Giving a Talk on Sea Turtles

How do you spend a cold, drizzly monday evening? By giving a presentation on Sea Turtles, that's how!

I was having a bit of the flu since last weekend, but decided not to cancel the talk as it was my first at the MNS auditorium. It was quite a modest turn-out for the talk, considering that most members would only receive their newsletter later in the week.

The talks went quite well, even though I was bit blur from the medication. Fortunately, I did most of the presentation in English as compared to the last time I presented the same talk in Aquaria. there, I had to do it in BM which led to my the now legendary gaffe of, "bayi-bayi penyu".

I don't know whether its the medication or not but during the talk I made another gaffe by stating that Amphibians belong to the Reptile family. Oops.

Now kids, if you remember your Standard 5 Alam dan Manusia lessons, you would know that Amphibians are under a totally different Class altogether. You have your Inverterates and Vertebrates; those with backbones and those without.

Then, under Vertebrates, it is further divided into 5 main classes, Amphibia, Sauropsida, Aves & Mamalia. Sea Turtles fall under Sauropsida (Reptiles). Amphibians, like Anttyk, belong under their own Class. There's another Class which is Synapsida (mammal-like reptiles) which are the dinosaurs but they're extinct (except for Barney).

My bad.

See, I can touch the board with my finger. Wheeee!

This is all Greek to me

I'm making things up as I go


lilyliverbird said...

I can give a lecture on reptiles too. The human kind.

p/s: Don't you just hate how beta blogger screw up the archives? I went back to my old template after 10 minutes.

sheema said...

Ooo by the way Mr Herp Guy...next time don't forget eh: amphibians are NOT reptiles ok...they belong to completely separate orders!!!

Invader Voobee said...

*imagines bayi-bayi penyu with diapers and bips*

princesswaffzonkle said...

whens ur talk on buaya?

9 said...

my archives are still there but the fonts are a abit screwed up.

550mg of volteran will make u blur. i confused amphibians with 'amphibian-like' reptiles. heh.

9 said...

not as bad as, "selepas mereka keluar dari sarang, mereka melarikan diri ke arah laut"


aren't u tired of "buayas"

Leen Ash Burn said...

You mean sea turtles are not mammaaaalsss? Heh

anttyk said...


That's all. :p

Desparil said...

teenage mutant ninja turtles belong to which category then?

they're turtles, yes but they're also mutants AND ninjas. keep that in mind before answering.

Keropok said...

How long did it take you to wake the audience up? That room looks damn cozy :)

9 said...

it was freezing inside. most of then were shivering.

they're still reptiles but under a new sub species; splinterius ninjacata

Keropok said...

Des, I think you mean "adolescent mutatus ninjacata"

princesswaffzonkle said...

not how to get one of em but how to understand them

Anonymous said...

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