Friday, February 16, 2007

My Adventure of Embracing American Entertainment Culture

In consideration of us Scousers who had just ripped off the two American tycoons out of their ice hockey money, I thought I'd post a U S and A-inclined (Wawa Weewa!) topic.

Hey, we need to keep our victims.. er, investors happy. :p

Hollywood week for American Idol has ended and the judges have finally selected the final 24. Hands up who have been following the early auditions. See? You lot don't have a life. Heh. 40 contestants remained with 16 set to be eliminated during the hour. Cue anguished contestant shots, sobs of despair or screams of excitement, and endless segments of the judges toying with the singers’ vulnerable minds before mercifully telling them they had made the final

Anyways, the final 24 of American Idol. 12 guys and 12 girls. The best of the best.... or are they? Certain selections for the final 24 had the Missus and I not only fuming, but confused as well.

None more so of these two; Sundance Head and Leslie Hunt.

The judges' affinity to the mediocre resulted in two of the more decent contestants to be sent home; Thomas Whatisname and Marisa Rhodes.

Seriously mate, Sundance (Yes..Sundance!) and Leslie can't sing for shite. I mean they sound decent but their voices were average. Don't let me start on their charisma. I mean the Head Hantus of Hantubola are more interesting than these two... and thats really lowering the standards.

Since American Idol 3 was shown to us, I have continued to be pissed of not being able to vote for my favourite contestants on the show. If I did, Kat McPhee would have won hands down last year, because she is a hottie.

It is my humble yet outstanding opinion that since American foreign policy dictates and effects the lives of every other people in the world, especially George's war OF terror campaign, shouldn't we be allowed, to vote or at the very least have a say in their enterntainment culture? I think we should.

Next week are the finals, where the fate of the singers are in the hands of the American public. Americans will now decide who is to be their next Idol.... and I'm still pissed I can't vote.


Din said...

Y'know, American Idol 5 ended last year, yet there was only one productive enough from it; itwas Chris Daughtry.

And man, that dude can really make a good album.

The others sucked anyway.

Leen Ash Burn said...

"humble yet outstanding opinion"? Hahahahah very the oxymoron siak.

Hurnain said...

daughtry rocks! i was rooting for him to take idol 5 with kat getting 2nd.

did u know that chris auditioned for rockstar INXS but was rejected.

who u calling a moron?


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

if you can't participate actively in AI, then dont forget to vote during the AF fever!!! yack yack yay!!!

and gong xi fa cai to you too, sexy froggie!

anttyk said...

Leslie Hunt doesn't look like she is strong on plough.

Happy hols Froggie Boy. :p

anisism said...

celah mana american idol nih?

Sarclover said...

I have gotten over watching delusional americans.

i think none from the chosen one is qute that menarik for my support.. all of them are mediocre sahaja...

saya sedang kemaruk berkata2 dalam bahasa melayu.. sekian tima kasey!

9 said...

i don't watch AF. ever.

p/s: mawi sucks!

wud anyone buy an album with her face on it?

9 said...

oit, apsal senyap selama ini?

gerek la lu, beb. :p

Anonymous said...

try layan Akademi Al Quran or Cari Menantu.. ;)

lilyliverbird said...

i have never watched american idol.

does that mean i have a life?

Desparil said...

you bought kat mcphee's album already ah?

9 said...

i do not watch local tv. heh.

no, u still don't. :p

no, not yet. hihihi.

bex said...

Oh I didn't even know McPhee had any single out, let alone an album. Haha.

Gosh there are so many annoying and annoying ones this year! Like that Leslie Hunt who seems to have the wrong expressions on his face all the time.

But I share your frustration. WHY CAN'T WE VOTE? Americans clearly can't vote properly. =p