Monday, January 22, 2007

Liverpool's Adventure of Stuffing Maureen-Ho's Men

This scoring lark is pretty easy, innit?

Dirk: Nice goal, but pity 'bout the haircut though
JP: Hah! At least its better than Mark's
Stevie: *Growl* Where's Bollocks? I'm off to kick him some more.

To all Chelski and Manure fans out there who have been giving us some hard time these past few weeks. Especially when we lost that Carling Cup tie with the Gooners. Completely hopeless were we? You lot had a good laugh about it didn't you? Well, here's to you lot.....


Anyways, heckling aside, what made last Saturday's result even more special was that it was Rafa's 100th game in-charge, and what did he do? He gave us a win over Chelski. Not bad, considering we have never beaten those tossers in the league before, not since Maureen-Ho took over at Chelski.

The lads played some of the best football this season. Carra was magnificent at the back, Pennant looked like the winger which Rafa had hoped him to be, Kuyt ran his pants off like he usually does and Gerrard bossed the midfield as if it was his own backyard.

Special rendition of 'Stamford Bridge is Falling Down' is over at Lily's page. Heh. Knock yourself out. I know I did.


Desparil said...

takpa.. still #1... you lot just be careful not to lose to west ham ah..

9 said...

plz be informed that my heckling is directed towards those tossers at HB who's been giving us a lot of stick and not towards u specifically.

jgn marah, ye. :p

EEzWany said...

hail to henry...
totally make make my day!!
what else ..Liv win ManYoo loose...
great2 feeling!

anttyk said...

Hehehehe. Well done! Well done!

Desparil said...

mana ada marah... i was supporting you guys that night...

besides.. it's watford next for us.. hahaha.. it's just not their month la..

9 said...

no worries, bro. as u said, u lot are still on top. :p

*sigh* the game after west ham (next week) is agst u lot at st. james.

let's hope we can maintain it for the west ham game.

Keropok said...

Aisay... don't la so happy we lost. The same team trashed you guys wot ;)

lilyliverbird said... got the wrong link lah dei..that's supposed to be my secret blog..blardy scouser...:p

Doreen said...

Heh. This is funny. Well, I'm happy as long as the blues go down = P

9 said...

don't get me wrong. i'll be just as happy if chelsea and arsenal had lost but due to the 'unique' fixtures last week; u lot had to lose or else u'd be running off with the title.

ala, sorry la. don't steal my hubcaps as it's not really mine, it's anttyk's. i swiped off him last week. heh.

at least there's someone who saw the lighter side of it. :p

Leen said...

I have informed my mother about this site. She will send jose to piss at your tyres and shat in your front lawn. Be forewarned.

princesswaffzonkle said...


9 said...

jose kucing u ke or jose yg sebenarnya? heh.

walaupon u tak paham pon posting i ni, tp masih nak enter frame jugak tu. :)


Keropok said...

Riddle me this: Why does Springsteen love Scousers?

I wrote all about it... just for my dear Liverpool friends!

Anonymous said...

aahhh..when the team u support is a loser and lost an important game..the only thing left is to pick up the pieces like "winning at rafa's 100th game" "beating a team that the loser never beat before" "this player is magificent at the back" (bend?) "minding the midfiled like nobody business".

wrong team to support la weh!

9 said...

this better be better than the pathetic attempt of 'taking-the-piss' by manure fans down there in HB.

don't lah be angry, macha. we all frens wat?