Monday, October 16, 2006

My Adventure of Getting Blocked

One fine monday morning, while I was to begin my obligatory blog surfing session to find out what my friends in cyber world have been up to during the weekend; I was met by the following message.

"Forbidden by rating check.

You are not permitted to access the URL due to the policy of your organization.

If this is an error, then you should contact your security gateway administrator."

"Eh, WTT?!?", I thought to myself. then I started to go through my links in quick sucession. I found that the HantuBola blog and Fireangel's suffered the same fate.

So Lily's rants and raves about men in general, the constant sniping of the head hantus and hantu keciks at Hantuola as well as Fireangel has been deemed bad for my cyber health and general mental sanity. As if the censorship is going to help. A bit of too little too late, lah.

Lily mentioned that it was probably due to all those swearing in her comment box but I think it's just that the system has suddenly took personal insult with all her men-bashing and 'i-haven't-gotten-laid-in-ages' posting

Hantubola I can undertand. It's footie related so a lot of testosterone flying around , especially from those Mancs who are always inclined to blow their own horns, as well as each others'. Heh. Furthermore, I think the Firewall just became too disgusted with all the lies the non-Liverpool fans are spreading about the greatest team in the bloody World.
Now Fireangel is a another story; her blog is quite safe... or maybe not. There was that time when she mini-cammed herself drunk on ther blog, whilst promoting this particular beer of hers or it may be that time she stuffed herself into a boot of a car, just to say if she could fit in it.

Heheheh. Bodoh punya Firewall, itupun nak block ke? Camner nih..?

Looks like it's down to the local cyber cafes for me to join those noisy litle brats playing whatever MORPG which is IN right now. Hmmm.. wonder if my Ragnarok account is still active?


lilyliverbird said...

Bugger. Must be all the *effs* in the comment box. I never swear.

They should block anttyk instead for saying YNWA is pointless. kan...kan...?

9 said...

heh. true. true.

antyyk will soon be struck by lightning for being blasphemous.

anttyk said...

Oi! Bitching about me behind my back!

Hmph! :P

lilyliverbird said...

hahaha anttyk,
we're scousers. your back is ours :p

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...


no more bukit gasing please! (oh Gawd I am so unfit!!!) what we can do is more chapatti and thosai and teh tarik!!!

and ice kacang!

kepala_angin said...

like babe, i'm game for the capatti.

9 - salam aidilfitri and maaf zahir batin yek. enjoy the food and festivity.

9 said...

chappati no problem, but you're buying. hehehe

weh, berkenan nampak? :p