Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Adventure With the Concept of Complementary Principles

There are some concept of complementary principles which are not expected to succeed in this world, much less the inherently opposing ones.

Forget the Ying. Forget the Yang. Some entities or concepts are just not able to co-exist with each other, lest the destruction of humankind and cessation of all life on Earth.

For example, Timothy McVeigh and C6H2(NO2)3CH3, or;

Lyndsay Lohan and a bottle of Jim Beam, or;

George Dubya and a Brain (although, it is still debatable whether he has one in the first place).

Closer to home, two entities which do not exist well in the same context, room or situation is a dumbass and a shotgun.

As such, when you put these two together, you get incidence such as this:

A female sun bear, which was injured after being shot by a hunter, died while being treated at a state wildlife facility here on Sunday.

The bear was found by a villager in an estate in Kampung Sungai Pas, in Kuala Krai, and handed to the district wildlife officers.Wildlife conservation centre head here, Muhammad Ismail, said the animal was weak when it was brought to the facility last Thursday.

"We believe the bear was shot several hours before it was found by the villager, and it had serious injuries on the back. We gave the best treatment," he said.

He said they had intended to release the bear after it recovered. The department is investigating the case.

They didn't even had time to give her a name.


Mac-Curry and Such said...

we were going to name a new type of fried chicken 'crispy mcveigh' if they had sent him to the electric chair.

they didn't.

9 said...



Leen Ash Burn said...

Is the bear alright now? Ke dah mati? *I somehow read this twice tapi macam tengah blur so kefahaman only 4/10*

lilyliverbird said...

I pun dinch faham.

Shopper Mom said...

awww... he was just a baby. kesiannya.

moggie said...

would really like to meet the 'hunter' that did this. would give me the opportunity to actually see what a real live subhuman coward looks like.

btw 9, found out that the snake i was talking to you about is actually a striped bronzeback.

chics said...


princesswaffzonkle said...

bear tu dah mati laa. i wish i had a care bear.

anttyk said...

Damn... That's depressing bro.

9 said...

*throws soiled boxers at leen*.

ni sorang lagi.
*shakes head whilst ponders, "apa nk jadi dgn budak2 zaman skrg"*

9 said...

shopper mom:
please shop safely. heh.

striped? i thot it looked more liked a 'painted'.

oh well.

9 said...


if i was perhilitan, i'd check the owners of the orchards in the area. only they have the permit to own a shotgun.

wot abt sicko? :p

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

you write very well. i get all wide-eyed and gaspy when i come across a local blogger with an excellent command of the english language.

lindsay lohan has upgraded to coke, btw.

and it's so sad when wild animals are shot by accident or for no apparent reason. shooting wild boars, i can fathom.. but a sun bear? can you even eat bears or use their fur for anything? sigh. mindless.

DiaHarris said...

ala tian..

DiaHarris said...

9; invite lar i kat ur private blog tu... hhrrmm...

9 said...

actually, sun bear bile is much sought after by chinese traditional medicine practitioners.

that blog is on sabbatical until further notice.

ekcherli, semua orang dh malas nak maintain. heh.