Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Adventure During MyCat's "Race Against Time"

It was bloody tiring and stressful at times, but loads of fun. The sky decided that it would desist with its daily afternoon torrential downpour, took a rain check (pun intended) and allowed the sun to come out. Although, the heat was nothing like Raptor Watch's as the Zoo's foliage gave us some reprieve from the heat to a certain extent.

It was indeed a success of sorts, as we were able to reach out to the visitors of Zoo
Negara on Tiger conservation as well as introducing to the public the new Tiger hotline.

While the missus was at the "Art Adventure" station,
painting the kid's (young and old) faces, hands and other appendages, I was at the "Tiger Threat" station, showing how scientists make plaster cast of a wild tiger's pug mark.

Tiger ambassadors; Susan, Corrine, Chelsia (behind), Xandria
Ning, Maple, Rina, Aishah, and Yassin

The crowd at the opening ceremony. I'm somewhere
in there, I think


Our tiger threat station

Ahmad Zafir, WWF Tiger 'Expert' showing the way

This is a box.

When I was young, back then we didn't have handphones
or DVD players

Wot? What do you mean it's doesn't look like a pug mark?

I get to play with plaster of paris and dirt. Bliss

The Missus promoting the Tiger Hotline


lilyliverbird said...

your wife looks like your crush, mellyboo yo.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Ala so chummil this 9.

moggie said...

great stuff!

hope you have a fantabulous New Year, 9!

Lynn said...

Ahmad Zafir or Mat Pet as I call him, was my class mate in UKM.
So proud of him for being the tiger expert these days!

sicko said...

actually, has anyone called the tiger hotline?

and how can i become an ambassador too?:D

Hurnain said...


saya mmg chumel, occay, and i had a blast weekend during the event. *snigger*

u too, mate. happy new year.

mat pet? LOL. we call him 'bucket' now.

'tiger conservation' la bro, not 'tiger show'. :p

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Super stuff, Nain! It's quite hard work googling you. I saw your other blog, with the photos of the puppies. They are darlings! Am so glad all of them were adopted! Parents kat mana? Kang kita ambik neuter ok?