Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Liverpool's Adventure in Defending Their Crown

Luis Garcia
He drinks Sangria
He came from Barca
To bring us joy
He’s five foot seven
He’s football heaven
Oh, please don’t take my Luis away
(One of the best song heard on the Kop terrace, sung to the tune of ‘You are my sunshine’)

Mr. I-think-I’ll-just-pop-into-this-penalty-box-and-score, did it again last night. Practically non-existent in the last few matches, he’s making it a habit to just arrive out of nowhere and score important goals for the team. Also, Encik Tiang Lampu TNB, finally showing glimpses of why Senor Benitez brought him to Liverpool, he held the ball up well and played it down for the other lads.

It was such a relief when Mr. Konrad Plautz whistled for time as I wouldn’t think my sofa could have withstood any more of my continuous jumping.

There are three things which Liverpool do best. Produce attacking excellence, deliver sheer defensive defiance & defend like there’s no tomorrow and inducing coronary failure in me.

Last night, they did all three.

So a 2-1 win over European Champions League debutants, Real Betis, provides the prefect catalyst for Liverpool to defend their crown.


Elina said...

One can rely on luck for only so long...ahemmmmm...lessee kalau Liverpool has the skill and stamina to keep it up. Oooooh...

9 said...

elmo-ina: it's called the luck of the champions. chelsea had it too when they won the english title lst year.

even if we failed to defend our crown this year, we are
still FIVE times champions. =)

madnessinvain said...

Go Arsenal!

9 said...

MiV: at least u lot did a lot better than Man Utd. That nutter, Rooney got sent off again.

Anonymous said...

There u said it.

Liverpool is the 5 times champion, Nottingham Forest has 2 and so does Man U.

But which club from England open up the flood gate with the 1st euro glory?

Its Man Utd. 1968 over Benfica with George Best (el Beatle) scored the winning goal!

Btw, nice blog man.

9 said...

as didi would put it, 'danke' faiz.

yes, man utd with the infamous busby babes won it in 1968.