Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Nocturnal Excursion in Bukit Gasing

The Giant River Frog, Limnonectes
malesianus (Kiew, 1987), in my hands.

The group last Saturday was the largest I had ever taken for Frogging to Bukit Gasing. Ever since I assigned Trusty Assistant to assist me, I’ve included her name as one of the person to contact for our activities.

Before, when I was handling the group alone, all communication went solely through me.

Before, I was able to apologise to people and politely ask them to bugger-off if the number of participants grew too large or my assigned quota was met. Whichever came first.

With Trusty Assistant by my side, both of us had been receiving inquiries from the MNS members. Mainly to a miscommunication between us, she ended up with 13 souls while I, had the privilege to guide-in 12 people. Due to her eagerness, or “semangat yg membara” or whatever you want to call it, she didn’t have the heart to turn any of them away.

My own 12 participants were from the same family (yes, all 12 of them) and to turn one away was to turn them all away.

Thus, we had to split the group up into two. I would take the first group in while Trusty Assistant, after waiting for about 15 minutes proceeded in with hers.

The particular frog which I had committed my “scientific sin” was there, in abundance. The questions floating in my head with regards to this particular frog has yet to be answered as FRIM Frog Lady was away somewhere and I had no one to assist me in the identification.

“Why” it was there and “How” it came to be would continue to be an enigma until, FRIM Frog Lady return.

Adding to this conundrum, I found that the increase in number for this “mystery” frog had resulted in the “decrease” in sighting of the ever so popular Giant River Frog, Limnonectes malesianus (Kiew, 1987), which was thriving well previously.


Inn said...

that pic got a cute but euww reaction at the same time. i might not want to hold that. Going on frogging session.. that's new for me.

Firdaus said...

sorry abt the spam from the organisation next to klcc. I went there during lunch just now and all has been sorted out. my apologies again.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i like the term 'frogging'. it evokes something truly forbidden. kat bkt gasing lagi!

please remove all frogs from my sight. GELIIIIII .....

9 said...

inn: oh, trust me. the one in the pic is one of the more decent looking ones. if i hv the chance, i'll put up a pic of the "mystery frog".

os: no worries, bro. just wntd to inform you. i wasn't worried at all. honest. =)

babe: i do personal frogging trips if you are interested. ;)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

up bkt gasing? hahaha ... bad experience when trekked up a new trail there. hantu punya guide thought it was fun if he ran all the way up and saya yg kaki pendek dan sungguh tidak fit dan takut sesat, terpaksalah berlari naik atas bukit dalam hutan.

if you walk, okay, can! been ages since i went up bkt gasing.

silent said...

frogging sounds like fun! if i call, you and trusty assistant won't turn me down now will you? i'll come with my family. all 56 of them.

kepala_angin said...

its a whole new world reading your entry dude.

Angel Eyes said...

i like that pix!

9 said...

babe: we won't be going up any hill when all the reptiles and amphibians are in the stream below.

silent: 56!?! ketua kampung pun u ajak sekali ke?

KA: i try to b different.

AE: the frog or my hand? ;)

Angel Eyes said...

err... ur hand is better!


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

hmmm ... strange feeling that we are not talking the same language here. and you actually pegang the frog??? eurgh!!!! how does it feel? slimy? like cicak? eurgh eurgh double eurghs!!!

Wong Ah Beng said...

ouuuww! U're frigging gross #$%@!&*!!*khaakkk ptuiii.!!! *puke*

(Mah man...If u manage to find your lost kitty, I hope she eats u up dawgh..!)

9 said...

babe: a bit slimy ya.. muahaha!

mr. wong: lu pandai cakap itu olang putih.. manyak powderful wo!

ini pigi sikolah punya kucing.

chics said...
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chics said...

you remind me of my form 4 bio amali.Tangkap, tanda dan lepas, but we use snails.

For experiment using frog, I did helped to catch frogs but failed to turn up to class the following day.I guess I 'forgot'.