Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Adventure of Getting Tagged

I’ve been tagged thrice with this “7” meme. 3 times a bloody charm now innit? Babe whacked me with my third. Well, since she was nice in being my first volunteer to chase the ‘pemburu2 haram’ and whack their pancreas’, how could I refuse. So, here goes.

Seven things to do before I die :
- lose these damn spares, and get a bloody six pack
- scuba dive off the bahamas/maldives/great barrier reef
- catch & secure my first King Cobra
- milk a poisonous snake
- discover a new species of wildlife, and have it be scientifcally named after me
- master the guitar
- get married, have kids and hopefully grandchildren.

Seven things I just-can't-do :
- sleep late, wake-up early. really not a morning person
- get rid of these pimple scars on me face
- grow taller
- slam dunk
- quit smoking
- have long hair
- correct my eyesight with laser surgery.

Seven celebrity crushes :
- maya karin
- marion caunter
- annahita balkavoli
- coco lee
- jessica alba
- lacey chabert
- hillary duff

Seven often used phrases/words :
- the f-word ( a lot)
- rilek la
- pundeks
- siot la
- technically..
- basically..
- shite

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex :
- Cute/adorable features
- Nice rack
- Perky buns
- Nice rack
- Nice hair
- Great cook
- Nice rack


Leen Ash Burn said...

Tapi adik Hilary Duff ittew bukan kah ala-ala badan kotak gitew? Eh btw u JB dok Kolam air ek? Wahhhhh jiranss lah kita! hahahaha

9 said...

she is still 16. i was hooked on lizzie mcguire before so had the hots for her since she was 13.

is that too weird? =)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

and i love you too, 9.

damn, he wants a great cook. what's with guys these days anyway?

Inn said...

ya lah kan. and nice rack repeated 3 times. alright2x. i guess i shouldnt even try. heheh

9 said...

babe: and kisses to u too babe.

well, she can make it up for not knowing how to cook by having a nice pair of ermmm... oh nevermind.

inn: are u a great cook then? heh.

Angel Eyes said...

cute and adorable features... nice ones...

and maya karin is nice too!..

errm.. i know how to cook as well!

kepala_angin said...

what is it with you and rack? in ur spare time you like to built shelf aka rack ke?

i would never get a chance to do a dunk too, too short, unless i main yg Toys R Us nye.

9 said...

angel eyes: and we're both from JB some more.. =)

KA: ikea shelves turn me on. :p

Elina said...

ahhh...not a butt guy so much as a boobs guy, i see...

tatot said...

u into snakes ker?

9 said...

elina: spot on =)

tatot: i love all creatues, great & small.