Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My (Mis)Adventure of Seeing Liverpool Get Torn Apart

Jose: You muppet Raf, give us this match at Anfield and we’ll bloody let you win at the Bridge next time. We can sort out that annoying Frenchmen at Highbury for you was well.

Rafa: Sort out that smelly Manc Scotsman on top of it, and you have yourself a deal, mate.

Jose: Ok, 4 goals ya? Here’s an ownership of a diamond mind in central Ukraine, courtesy of Mr. Abrahamovich. You can go and buy that Adriano lad or something. You really have to get rid of that number 9 of yours now innit? Bloody hell mate, he’s rubbish.

Wouldn't it be nice of the above-said conversation did take place. The reality is that Liverpool got suckered into Chelsea's gameplan. We should have "parked the team bus in front of goal" from the start, then hit them on the counter-attack.

4-1. Shite. Not a good start to my week.


joe labee said...

heheheheh good captions there

Sports Freak said...

My view is that "parking the bus infront of the goal" won't work either. You have to go out and play offensive football (having a lone striker in the form of Crouch is not offensive). But all said and done, Chelsea were just too good on the night.

9 said...

joe labee: a piece from my delusional mind.

SP: when chelsea scored their second, that's when rout started. liverpool had to be more offensive and chelsea just hit them with counter-attacks.

Sports Freak said...

9 - agreed, but being offensive is putting on Cisse early on in the match and not in the 80th minute. By that time it was too late to put him on.

Anyway, Liverpool might have had a fair percentage of possesion but Petr Cech had to make only 2-3 simple saves. L'pool barely had any clear shots besides the one Gerrard scored from. L'pool needs to start scoring to have any chance of a respectible finish this season. Scoring 4 goals from 6 games just doesn't cut it.

9 said...

ya, you got a point there. crowding the midfield doesn't work with chelsea. now, what they need to do is tighten their defence and be a bit more disciplined in the middle for the upcoming games. even cisse scores eventually after u've put him through enough times & plz stop this rubbish of playing a lone stirker up front.. heh

Elina said...