Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Diurnal Excursion during Raptor Watch 2007

The highest number of volunteers we ever had.

Well, what can I say?

The conditions were hot and humid. We had a somewhat overcast sky on Saturday morning but come afternoon, the sun came out and it stayed that way till Sunday evening. But we didn't care. The blazing sun and the cloudless blue sky meant that there is enough thermals for the Raptors to glide over Tanjung Tuan.

Even though a majority of the volunteers were roasted alive; not a word of complaint was heard. It was fun and we enjoyed every bloody minute of it.

As the missus was comfortable shaded under the Arts & Craft tent, your favorite adventurer here was out in the mangroves, leading the public out on a guided tour. This was indeed the best Raptor Watch weekend as the final count for the attendance was around 5,000 bleedin' people.

Even so, I couldn't decide which was the best thing that happened during the event; Having my explanations translated into Mandarin by Adeline Choo, Miss Malaysia/World 2006 during the mangrove walk or trying to blab incoherently the answers to Datin Seri Normala 's queries about the Mangroves.

No worries, the Missus was around so I had to behave myself. Heh.

Not forgetting the raptors though, hundreds flew overhead as they left their summer home in Sumatera to make their way back to their breeding site in Siberia, China and Japan. The final tally was;

Oriental Honey Buzzards: Sat 1835/ Sun 1666
Other raptors: Sat 3/ Sun 63

The overall counts for the WEEK: more than 20,000 raptors - and is expected to hit about 40,000 by the end of the count period (this Sunday).

Bird Board; Updated every hour on the hour

Now, If you'll excuse me, I need to scavenge for more pictures for this posting. Shite, I must get my hands on a camera one of these days.

Nature Guide Girls

Only a Herpetolgist would find a snake in a bird-oriented event

The sun wasn't the only thing HOT there. Heh.


anttyk said...

Hmmm... How do you get yourself involved in all these things? I'm really curious.

__earth said...

Damn! That was double whammy!

Doreen said...
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Doreen said...

Yes, a camera you need. 2 whole days of activities and all you have is a single pic? Tsk tsk.

9 said...

join MNS anttyk, and the answer shall be revealed. :p

heh, indeed it was.

wei, i got two pics la, not one.

Keropok said...

What a way to work on ones tan!

Inn said...

wah. very the glamer gitu.

__earth said...


Endau-Rompin is coming up. Let's go!

princesswaffzonkle said...

so did u find any raptors?

9 said...

dude, looking like an 'ikan salai' is not like gettting a tan.


hey u.. where hv u been?

9 said...

u go ahead, bro. hv fun.
i'm planning to go to serina's island.

demmit.. i knew there was sumthing i forgot...

__earth said...

serina's island? where's that?

9 said...

tioman la, dude.

lilyliverbird said...

you are only there for the girls innit?

Sarclover said...

abang 9, abang 9,

saya nak ikut tengok bunghong next time can?

moggie said...

whattsup, 9! thanks for stopping by at moggiesworld.

Not exactly sure what kind of snake it is. shot it at one of the mangroves at morib. but i've id'd the reptile behind's called a Lim. soon to be extinct!

had a fab time wth u guys at FRIM, hope to do more 'nocturnal excursions' wth you and your amphibious crew soon.

later, dude!

9 said...

on the contrary, the girls were there for me. heh.

free ur schedule for early march next year. we usually have it around that time.

have to come, ok? :p

9 said...

heh. 'amphibious crew' i like it. sounds like some SEAL team.

budakbolat said...

yes nain .. you should get a camera.

Anonymous said...

syabas for the charity work!


__earth said...

I wonder, with all the talk about her on the net, would she kill us if she found out about that?

9 said...

u were not kidding with that olive branch of yours, eh?

dude, i think she' the best miss m'sia we ever had. the others went off to berlakon on the taiwan soaps etc.

adeline goes off an volunteers with us. heh.