Monday, April 02, 2007

My Adventure of Getting Pissed... Yet Again

Leopard cats in tiny, constricting cages at the 'mini zoo' in Klang.

Why do we jail criminals?

Why do we hold them in cages, locked away from the public?

Right. Then tell me now what these animals have done to deserve such treatment? Rob a blooody jewelery shop did they?

As I was busy being pissed-off on the fate of the 300+ Sea Turtles last week, another of these so-called mini zoos opened in Klang.

These establishment are a bloody laugh. Caging wildlife for public display is inhumane and unethical but we still see plenty of it here. Is it acceptable by our society's standards?

The answer is unfortunately; Yes.

This new zoo in Klang is another sad part of our society's apathy, cruelty and somewhat lack of compassion. How many of these bullshite establishments have we in this country?

Too bloody many!

All over the country, so-called 'mini zoos' are sprouting up. Most of them with deplorable, constricted, binding enclosures. These are the sad sights which greets visitors to these hell-holes. To make it worse, some animals are trained to perform mindless, silly shows because the public gets their high from an Orang Utan riding a bloody bicycle.

Now, you would be asking, "Isn't Perhilitan doing anything to adress the problem"?
They are, but they might as well be pissing in the wind, considering our outdated, narrow and loophole riddled Wildlife Law... and oh, lack of common sense and judegement on the part of Wildlife to sum it all up.

Wildlife and National Parks Department’s (Perhilitan) oft-cited excuse is that it has little clout over these places because the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (WPA) is glaringly silent on them and does not mandate their licensing.

And although cruelty to wildlife carries a penalty of RM5,000 or five years’ imprisonment under the Act, Perhilitan enforcement director Misliah Mohamad Basir contends that “cruelty” is difficult to prove. “When you say a cage is too small, it is subjective. People will ask ‘what is the right cage size for that species?’ This is not spelt out anywhere.”

-The Star, 27 March 2007.

Maybe I should organise a fundraising event to collect money in order to purchase the Wildlife officers some common sense... or a new brain while we're at it.

Lack of legislation or to be more exact; ineffcient and out-dated laws is the main problem here in this country. The only other legislation which highlights animal abuse is the Animal Act 2006 (which succeeds the Animal Ordinance 1956), but it is inefficient as it comes under the Veterinary Service Department, which have no resources to conduct enforcement work.

So, Perhilitan might as well be playing with their balls as even if they do take action against these wankers, the fine of RM200 or jail term of six months is too paltry for an organisation which rakes in a shite-load of money every month.

Please, we can be more sensible in this matter. We can use our common sense to know whether the animal is suffering or otherwise.

Do not support these establishments, tell your friends and families, even strangers on the streets not to do the same. Maybe, just maybe we can be the caring society that we always say that we are.

Keep them in the wild and protect their habitat. I shit you not.

It *is* that simple.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

write and send that petition. i'll gladly give you my details.

hope there's someone out there keeping an eye on spiders. i like spiders.

Desparil said...

mini zoos are often the work of those with mini brains..

9 said...

after i sorted out the turtle petition, i'll start on this one.

the spiders of fraser's hill is getting poached to extinction.

heh. spot on.

Invader Voobee said...

I hate zoos. I fokin hate zoos. Went to A Famosa thingie in Melaka that time, cos friends dragged. Was in a rotten mood the whole time. (while not so informed friends seem to be happy to see lethargic skinny animals)

How's the petition coming along? Let's i dunno, go out at bintang walk area or something and get more signatures? Shiet I am disturbed by the turtle thing as well. Dah la TMNT orang cakap tak bes. Damn.

Oh in case you forgot. Earth day's comin up.

chics said...

i always avoided going to any mini zoo. Scared that it would make me sad rather than make me happy.

The Tai Tai said...

i never knew the existence of mini zoos in malaysia (how ignorant of me). not that i would pay to actually see them poor animals there.

singapore zoo is nice though.

Leen Ash Burn said...

9 bebeh,

Do you still want your letter to be translated to mandarin tak? I have friends and colleagues that I can arm twist to do this for ya.

Also, how to send my details? Dont see email link anywhere.

9 said...

i'm sending the turtle petition today...then, i'll start drafting the mini zoo one.

mini zoos will always get you depressed.

9 said...

akak tai tai:
oh, there are. loads of them in every bloody state.

singapore zoo is nice because their govt pour a crap load of money into them.. our zoo negara's MAIN income from visitors goes straight to the animals' food & medicine. how to 'beautify' the zoo like dat?

9 said...

boleh.. nanti i hantar u a copy so that u can forward it to ur frens..

wats ur e-mail addy again?

GemmaJames said...

Bloody animals! No, not you, the zoo keeper.

princesswaffzonkle said...

any idea where they cage bachelors?

moggie said...

we are living in troubled times indeed....sigh!

Anonymous said...

pretending to be animal lovin' n concern about the environment to get women's attention?

hehe.. the frustrated, angry n brooding environmentally concerned angle is cool Mr 9.

U r learning well my grasshopper.


lilyliverbird said...

woit.update lah. asyik curi hubcab je keje :p

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

ei! your letter came out in NST yesterday!!!!!

9 said...

aren't u a little too young to be commenting on blogs?.. shoo, shoo.. go and play with papa michael.

yes.. in your dreams.. heh.

when's our next nocturnal excursion moggie?

9 said...

shut up la.. u'll blow our cover.

sabar la, i'm on it. in the meantime, go & play with sergei.

i know.. and they included a pic as well. heh.