Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Adventure of Being Fickle

Yes, I know.

This is the 3rd time I've changed my template in a short span of time.

Blame it on my mood swings.

Anyways, on a conservation note;

Help save the Malayan Tiger by buying MYCAT T-shirts. Don't be fickle. You'll be changing your blog template again and again like a complete git. Profits from the sale of the t-shirt will go towards supporting MYCAT, the first-of-its-kind conservation partnership focusing on saving the Malayan Tiger.

Wear MYCAT T-shirts… and spread the message that the tiger is a totally protected species that cannot be consumed... or kept in your backyard.

The round-neck cotton T-shirts come in:
XS (34"), S (38"), M (40") and XL (44"). The XS works well for kids too!

RM25 each.


I was informed that "Man" cannot be contacted and most probably eaten by a Tiger. If you want to get your hands on the t-shirt, please make your way to the Nature Owlet at MNS HQ in Jalan Kelantan.

How to get there? It's along Jalan Istana (heading towards Jalan Duta/Jalan Tun Razak). Before the turn-off to Carcosa Seri Negara, there is a small road on the left.

HQ is the old-looking building.


Desparil said...

how come there's no L?

9 said...

...because the diff between 'M' & 'XL' is just a couple of inches only la.

Invader Voobee said...

I WAAANNTT!!!!! Can buy for me first and I pay you back later?

Tapi takkan jumpa next Family gathering kot.

The Tai Tai said...

oh the tiger is so cute!
i want one XS, u can bring it to the company dinner happening next week.

9 said...

can.. i'll pass it to kak sheema or drop by your house.

nak saiz aper?

tai tai:
ok.. but am i invited to the company dinner next week in the 1st place? heh.

Desparil said...

so's the difference between s & m..

heh.. i just said s & m.. heh..

9 said...

hang on.. the size diff is a bit weird here. no worries, i'll inquire with 'Man'.

The Tai Tai said...

u are in the company what?
will email later bila dah konperm ok.

a babe of very tinkle brain said...

what does it mean (34")? length, waistline, bustline??

you get me one la, as a present.

Desparil said...

please do. i'm interested to get one. or two.

9 said...

tai tai:

34" is the circumvirence of your perky toosh. :p

bukan selalu kau pakai XL ke? lagi nak tanya2. heh.

a babe of very little toosh said...



Doreen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doreen said...

See, I wanted to be resourceful lah. I tried calling the telephone number you gave, but Man wasn't there. And the Operator doesn't know shyte when I asked if there was someone else whom I can speak to regarding T-shirt Harimau.

Is 34" the circumference for the chest area? Or shoulders? Because 9, I wear T-shirts on my body, not the toosh. Heh.

Where's the Secretariat Office? Is it the Forestry agency thingie in Cheras Hartamas? Can I walk in there?

9 said...

MyCat's secretariat office is at perhilitan, just across the road from where u live.

man probably got eaten by a tiger or sumthing.

no worries, i'll update this posting & inform where u can in fact actually buy it. heh.

moggie said...

cool t. gotta get one when i drop by next. just got the mns marine t a few weeks ago...that was pretty cool too!

Desparil said...

aiya.. once in a while nak pakai ketat2.. show off sikit... cannot ah?

anttyk said...

Someone's caught my virus. Heh...

I want one tiger shirt. Me go buy.

lilyliverbird said...

you and anttyk obviously have some deep rooted issues. Tell Dr Lils :p

Cool tee. Me go buy one too. If i don't get lost

9 said...

sshhhh.. between me and u, the marine t is not really that nice looking. hihihi

silalah pakai, tapi perut tu tolong cover skett ya. heh.

go and ask ur honeys if they want one too. sean can even puke on that one too. :p

wat la 0-0? the lads must have CL semis in mind.

Desparil said...

perut jangan sebut ah? sensitip.

lilyliverbird said...

9: dia orang takut injured tu.