Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Adventure in Saving the Tigers

China is proposing to end their 14 year tiger trade ban by legalising the internation trade on tiger products by introducing tiger farms.


Currently, tiger trade is prohibited internationally as well as domestically in many countries, including China. But now, there is a proposal to set-up tiger farms which will provide the supply for the high demand on tiger products.

The logic behind this hare-brained idea is that by having these tiger farms, there will be a decrease in poaching and demand for wild tiger parts. Since it's being farmed, the tiger parts would be much cheaper and not as expensive as illegally hunted ones.


I don't know about you but farming-out tigers as if they were chickens or cattle is bloody freaky. It's just wrong. And the reasoning behind it is a bloody joke.

The demand for tiger parts has DECREASED with the 14 year ban. There are lesser reports of poaching and the population of tigers in China, India and Russia have increased to a certain exent. By lifting the ban, it undermines the work done for the last 20 year. And furthermore, with the introduction of these farms, there is a danger of an increase in the sale of ILLEGAL parts which can be easily mistaken with LEGAL parts.

Logically speaking, to save tigers, we DO NOT sell them. They are too bloody few tigers in the wild to risk re-opening trade of any kind. The worst-case scenario would be having our own Malayan Tigers being shipped out like our other exports to foreign countries.

In summary, irrespective of the logic behind it, keeping tigers in farms for meat is just wrong.


Desparil said...

tiger farm? ceh.. bukak papaya farm udah le..

Hurnain said...

papayas.. now those i like. :p

Babe Ruth said...

you are sooo sexy when you start sounding so angry like this.

anttyk said...

Betik betik,
Hai sedap rasanya,
Betik betik,
Hai banyak khasiatnya...

Buah betik,
Buang kulitnya,
Belah-belah buang bijiknya,
Ambil satu cuba rasanya,
Hmm hmm hmm hmm,
Sedap rasanya.

9 said...

i am sexy aaaaaallll the time. :p

don't go export tiger parts.. okay, ant? eksport betik, tak apa.

chics said...

when I was in jalan masjid india few years afo, there's this man selling "minyak harimau" to you know..menguatkan tenaga batin craps with a tiger leg sebagai pertontonan.

I nearly went to marah him. Yet the thought of eating tiger is just like eating your cat!

sedeh dan keji

lilyliverbird said...

i went to masjid india to get all this minyak entah apa-apa as a joke for my O&G client's birthday.

There was this minyak lintah thingie which is so looked so icky complete with a dead lintah in it. how on earth men put that on their thang i dunno.

I know you are kekar enuff without having to resort to all this, tiger.


princesswaffzonkle said...

yikes. leave those tigers alone. poor cats. do something abang kekar!

i give you some papayas to start.