Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Adventure of Being Overjoyed

After a week long holiday, frolicking in Cameron Highlands with the Missus, our win was a bloody nice thing to come back to. It was fortunate the hotel carried ESPN but a bit unfortunate for our neighbours who had to adhere to the curses, screams of joy and rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' coming from our room.

A 'Dagger' straight through the heart of Chelsea. 1-1 in aggregate.

Bolo, of all people, hits the target for once. 1-0 to Liverpool on pens.

"I still remember the time when you got me sent-off.
How do you like this you Dutch tosser?"

Easy by our Spanish Matador. 2-0 to Liverpool

Fat Franks' been practising it seems. Chelsea gets one back, 2-1

You didn't really expect HIM to miss, now did you? 3-1 to Liverpool

Wot? Jose put you in during E.T. for the pens?
He shouldn't have bothered. Liverpool lead 3-1 on pens.

Dirk send us into the finals. Yay!
Chelsea buried.

The lads were happy because Rafa promised Fish & Chips on the bus home.

And so Greece beckons in three weeks' time. For those Reds who still haven't ceased their celebrations in Istanbul it's just a short trip across to an adjacent country.

As for the cup only being on loan, here's hoping that it's swiftly brought back home.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i want rugby stories please, thank you. eh no, rugby pictures. you playing rugby pictures.

thank you.

9 said...

ala.. these pics ok waat...

lilyliverbird said...

Liverpool players should be awarded 'Pekerja Terbaik' yo.

We never win the easy way.

Come home No 6!


p/s: Did i tell you I was born and bred in Cameron Highlands? That's why I pandai cakap omputih. Heh.

moggie said...

haha! dude, how bout' posting some shots you took in CH? DID take some shots, right?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

bekos yu not init.

Hurnain said...

wudn't it be more of mandarin and tamil with a smattering of orang asli?


where got camera la. :(

next time we go up bukit gasing, u can take lots of pics of me then post it up in ur blog allrite.


anttyk said...

Go scousers go! You can do it. Go spank Milan's ass...

*piak piak piak*