Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Adventure With Our Favourite Robots in Disguise

On 4 July 2007, the worldwide premier of the long awaited live-action Transformers movie will finally be out and fans wait with crossed-fingers for the end-product from director Michael Bay.

Of the many comic or cartoon adaptation made over the last few years, no other project had received so much flak quite like the Transformers. From the choice of director to the designs, storyboard and actors; every single aspect of the movie was finely scrutinised. None more so that the choice for the director’s chair.

Fans have been critical when Bay was named as director by producer Steven Spielberg, as the former’s speciality of big-budgeted, special effects-driven, pop corn movies have been one dimensional. Furthermore, Bay has been known to sacrifice the story-line for the sake of action, and has a tendency to make actors with great ability as believable as B-movie extras.

So, it may be precisely for those reasons that producer Steven Spielberg thought Bay would fit-in perfectly as the director for the Transformers movie. In any case, it’s hard to argue with that decision as Bay does have a good-track record and his movies has made millions, even the razzies-inclined ones. Furthermore, we all know Michael Bay for his trademark action shots, and which other director can give some justice to a movie about giant transforming robots laying the smack down on each other.

Although, you would think that nobody is taking an importance of the story depth and character development in a movie based on huge transforming robots?

Well, apparently everyone is.

It is not a surprise that those of us making the biggest noise are the G1 (or Generation One, episodes which ran from '84 till '87) fans, who currently now are in their late 20s and early 30s who had grew-up watching the cartoon.

It is the G1 fans who now hang the guillotine precariously over Bay’s neck. Whether he has the ability to do justice to our beloved robots in disguise still needs to be seen. Failing which would be almost tantamount to blasphemy. Memories are none too limited to remember the controversy when in the 1986 Transformers animation movie, Optimus Prime was killed-off together with a number of other favorite characters.

To the G1 fans, these robots are more than just animation, they had character, personality and fans are hoping to see that at least the major similarities will be kept; the voice, character words or mannerism intact in- line with its comic and animated series.

So, till 4/7/07 comes around;

"Autobots... transform and roll-out!"


moggie said...

i think i still have one of these action figures stashed somewhere in a box...unless it transformed into something else already.

Doreen said...

i watched Transformers growing up too... but they weren't my fave. i preferred Gem. HAHAHAHAH. ooh, and smurfs. and carebears!

Oh right. This is your Transformers post. Heh.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

*transformers! more than meets the eye!!!!*

i think i'll stick to watching the Barbie movies.

DiaHarris said...

i don't really followed this transformers, but YES! i bought the sticker. but yang jahat punya lar!!!

urtwinsisterofsmsmr said...

terserempak dengan kau punya blog.. seriously, aku tak berapa paham.. sorry for being typical malay..

waffles said...

jom tgk transformers kat couples' nya seat. u can pop my corn.

9 said...

which one? and why is it in a box?

very.. err, girlie choices.

u can join the barbie patrol. heh.

okayyyy... good for you.

9 said...

the story of my life. heh.

the wife might hv something to say about that tho. :p

Sarclover said...

Transformers da bomb.

i thought it was one of the best cartoons ever, and yes being a G1, i would be one of those hanging precariously on Bay's neck.

I mean, dood, it's loike... Transformers okeh???

but seriously, our generation punya katun best okeh, bukan macam skang, with exception of Sponge Bob and Southparklah.

ever noticed like the 'mainstream' cartoons are all tak sebrutal zaman kita punya katun??

barbie patrol said...

barbie patrol likes Jem and The Holograms!

Invader Voobee said...

I think it's coming out a week earlier in Malaysia and not exactly 07/04/07. (stupid yanks and their weird month before day system). I think it's comin out 28th or somethin

9 said...

cartoon nowadays suck. cow & chicken? Pbbffttt. who the fark cares.

barbie patrol:
are we forgetting'my little pony'. :p

28/6 in malaysia. those chaps in s.korea were able to see it 2 weeks ago.

goddman those winter sonatans.

lita said...

have you *seen* what bay's megatron looks like?? and the cheap "flames" design on prime? bay says, "i put them there because i want them there". acckk. the man wasnt even a fan.

9 said...

i didn't mind the flames on optimus' body.

but, megatron at least shud hv had some similarity to its animation versin.

they might've opted for a howitzer for him rather than that alien-looking spacecraft.