Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Adventure With Our Favourite Robots In Disguise: Controversy

It is with amazement and incredulity that we find a cartoon with reference to giant transforming robots laying the smack-down on each other, captivating the attention of millions, none more so than the current 30 year olds who remember fondly the animated series during their childhood.

Over the years we have seen the advancement of technology in the animation industry, particularly in terms of animation and design, yet we still muse with fondness, these characters we adored and followed religiously.

Each character was unique with their personality and mannerism and indeed it was almost impossible not to have personal favorites.

Then the unthinkable happened.

In the 1986 animated Transformers movie, our favorite characters died.

In controversial fashion.

The controversy and subsequent anguish that followed still lingered20 years on and although we have somewhat mourned and moved-on, the cruel matter for the motivation of their demise was unknown, until now.

Flint Dille, the animated movie’s consultant revealed;

In the next season (3), we were going to have all these new characters, and people are going to be wondering what happened to the old characters that they liked so much. What we knew, in a business sense, is that they had been discontinued, because they were the 1984/1985 (toy)line – but, we needed to tie them off. So, we had this one scene where the Autobots basically had to run through a gauntlet of Decepticons. Which basically wiped out the entire '84 product line in one massive charge of the light brigade”.

Capitalist B*stards!

The shattered bodies of Wheeljack and Windcharger

It is inconceivable and moronic even, the methods in which the old characters were dispatched, and this issue is still heavily deliberated by the fans. In the series, the robots are often shown to sustain multiple shots without consequence, and yet this is inconsistent with the movie's depiction of characters falling so readily to laser blasts.

Brawn is felled by Megatron

The logic is rather astounding when you deliberate on the fact that Optimus Prime and Brawn (two of the fallen Auotobot during the siege of Auotobot City) are felled by only minor laser blasts, while Ultra Magnus was practically blown to bits by Galvatron, then was repaired to mint condition in short order.

This was perhaps the main reason on why the majority of our favourite characters were missing on the episodes preceeding the film. Now, although their fates were not explicitly explained onscreen, we can only assume that they died during the battle in the movie.

Therefore in a tribute to the victorious dead and the bravery shown to defend humanity against the Decepticons; I give honor to the fallen brave.

Oh stranger, go tell in Lacedaemon,
That here we lie, obeying their behests.


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Desparil said...

what they could (should) have done is gone for an overhaul of the popular characters.

buat la optimus prime kena tembak kaw2 lepas tu kena masuk hospital, tukar spare parts... keluar jadik lebih mengancam...

i bet that would have sold more toys..

9 said...

ya.. and the bastards brought optimus back from the dead to have him killed-off again at the end.

appreciation na kimochi o todoke.


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i like power puff girls cause they are my size. heh.

lilyliverbird said...

actually i tak faham this entry. but i would go for footballers toys anytime he he

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footballer's toys?

bentley? 2M pound mansion?