Friday, January 13, 2006

My Adventure of Trying to Get Myself on a Tabloid II

Pursuant to recent events in the media (tabloids included) and a nice little contribution by a certain blogger, here’s another way of getting oneself in the limelight.

Step #1.
Claim to the whole bloody world that you're worth a few (pick a number between 1 - 100) billion bloody Ringgit Malaysia.

Step #2.
Make further claims that you lent the government money to build say, Central Market/Pudu/North-South Highway (no Penang Bridge as it is already taken!).

Step #3.
Then offer to donate part of your fortune to any NGO or non-profitable organization, preferably to WWF or MNS. Oh heck, throw a few million bucks at this poor girl if you’d like.

Note: Claiming that you’ve got a cancer of some sorts, or some distant royalty or married to the daughter of the particular NGO you intend to donate to, is purely optional. Having a tattoo or permed hair is optional too.

Front page material my friends!


teek said...

not only front page! front page for few days summore and also more articles inside, plus side story!

the wifey kan, is not a daughter of the head of NGO. the name is just a coincidence. but yea, at first, i thot she was the dotter.

*can get into tabloid by hiring segerombolan of gurkha guards tak?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

hang ni kan, memang la glam-seeker!

nanti saya arrangekan lah.

chics said...

ala..just posed naked and say i'm doing this to protest for all nuisance in this worlg.

Gerenti front page untuk beberapa hari.Hehe

Kudzamoxi said...

hi! jumped over from zed's page here, hey cool pic, ur into greek mythology? i used to love it when i was younger! *err not that i'm ancient now*
but anyway, real nasty piece there, but nasty funny kinda way lol and I Like!

Desparil said...


was your last attempt successful?

9 said...

the media feeds on sensalisation.

u talk2 abt being nude, me likes. =p

9 said...

i leave innocent self in ur experienced & capable hands, cik babe. ;)

annamox: err..thnks, but greek mythology, huh? u mean that stupid frog issit?

9 said...

nope, i realised that i hv at least an ounce of dignity left.

cikPijah said...

now that's what i call real glam! bukannye glamer murahan ok.

The Yoga Instructor said...

At least my attempt to get special mention and be linked in a famous blog, is proven successful!

He hee..

Matilda said...

Why do you want to be in the tabloid? R u interested to be one? I've some good contacts with me

anisism said...

claim that frog is yours.

you know....THAT frog....hehe...

ok don't i start.

9 said...

it wud be a cheap pop if the public finds out that u don't hv any money in the first place.

yoga instructor:
me famous? auuwwww!

9 said...

anis: no, don't u start. :P

Kudzamoxi said...

frog? what frog? i was thinking more in line of toga and olive leaves iskkk

9 said...

me not so desperate to be 'waltzin' (pun intended) into the dailies, just BACARIA or MASTIKA

shhhh.. let's keep ur fantasy abt me and toga and olive leaves between us, ait? ;)

kepala_angin said...

you famous already wat.. at least with that red-shoe wearing goalkeeper tuh..

zuhri said...

make sure u have that afro hairdo too. it's easy or people to remember

anisism said...


9 said...

damn, i still keep bumping into that girl every tuesday.

maybe i'll drop by that porns saloon of yours for a perm.

9 said...

at least do it properly will ya;

A ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht,

Dorhrm bom bom bedom bem bom bum ba ba bom bom,

Bouuuuum bom bom bedahm Bom barbedarmbedabedabedabeda,

Bbrrrrrimm bbrrrrramm bbbrrrrrrrrraammmmm ddddddraammm,

Bah bah baah baah ba wheeeeeee-eeeee-eeeee

Desparil said...


you sound like that frog lah... hahaha..

Leen Ash Burn said...

So has it been a success? Hehehe

KaiserSoze said...

Come to think of it, its kinda easy getting on the front page of malaysian newspapers eh? just make sure it's nothing of substance and it sizzles like crazy..bam, you're on it!

Kudzamoxi said...

erkkk, did i just inadvertently blurt out the fantasy?? oh shucks!! ok ok, it's not the toga and the olive leaves, it's errmmm...*censored*, that better? lol :P i'm losing my mind, all because of a frog!

Sarclover said...

My adventure of trying to get myself some new undies...

i have to go and get those undies from pasar malam.. yang RM 10 dapat 5 tu... wondering if it will function any differently???

eheheheheee... sorry for going out of the topic

Desparil said...


pasar malam? not VS ah?

Sarclover said...

sesekali pi cubala kat Pasar Malam punya... memberi sokongan padu kepada industri tempatan..


VS is pretty hard to get in Malaysia la laling... so have to settle with per una and La Senza instead... :)

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

jalan sambil bogel kat jalan ampang pun boleh masuk frontpage, lagi glamer.
note: pastikan lemak yg menggelebeh dilipat masuk dan dijahit dahulu sebelum berbogel utk tidak menghisteriakan rakyat malaysia.