Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Adventure of (Not) Getting Tagged III

I would be lying if I said that nothing's been happening lately. There was the Frogging trip in FRIM last Saturday and my trip to the Aquaria the Saturday before that. However, I've decided to save those write-ups for a rainy day. For the time being, you lot have to be satisfied with this particular tag which is going around, created by people who have nothing better to do;

My ex and ‘Paybacks’ have something in common…. their both a BITCH.

Maybe I should grow up because I’m driving the missus crazy with my immaturity.

I love it when Liverpool scores. Especially in big-arse games like the one on Sunday morning. So, thank you Messrs Garcia & Arne Risse. You two made a lousy weekend so much bearable.

I don't understand why the Missus thinks that playing the PS2 is a waste of time, when I’m perfectly going to cut the grass after I finally beat that annoying Level 8 Boss. When? Dunno yet. Maybe in one day, or a week or two or even a month. Hey, you really can’t plan these things.

I lose my temper easily, especially during rush hour traffic. Thus, the excessive use of a certain appendage as well as the colorful language utilized.

People say that I can be selfish at times. I easily burn bridges only to regret it later. I’m sure that my life would be richer if I didn’t have done that.

I could've borrowed money of them.

Love is when you wake up to a disheveled-looking missus, air liur basi et all and still think that she’s a total hottie.

Somewhere, someone is cutting a perfectly good tree down.

I will always perceive David Beckham as a twat. Not because he's an ex-Manc.

No, really.

Forever is my love for my wife.

I never want to go through another of our wedding reception. Three…. yes, three receptions were enough. Any more and I’ll have to commit myself to one of those established mental institutions, which is going to suck because I don’t think they have internet facilities there.

I think the current US President is a tosser. The US foreign policy has never been worse since the 60s. His decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq were unjustifiable, but then being the tosser that he is, he wouldn’t give a crap of what I think anyway.

When I wake up in the morning, I wished that I could go back to sleep again.

My past was filled with ups and downs. More ups than down, and I’m not talking about the time when I went on that roller coaster in Genting.

I get annoyed when the missus sulks. Sulking should be banned or made illegal. It doesn’t matter if I had initially spilled that glass of iced Coke on her favorite carpet. Unjustifiable, I say.

Parties are for yuppies. Why waste a perfectly good Saturday night in Jln. P. Ramlee, spending it with drunken Mat Sallehs when I could go off on one of my nocturnal excursions, chasing wild animals in the jungle.

My dog would be a hybrid between a Bull Terrier and a Shitzu. I'll name it Bullshitz.

My cat is in Sg. Petani with my family. I miss the little shite a lot.

Kisses are an important relationship tool and always should be accompanied with roses, especially when one has spilled that glass of iced Coke on wife’s favorite carpet.

Tomorrow Never Dies is a title of a Bond film which I caught on satellite TV last two weeks.

I really want to snog Kat McPhee. She’s hot. She’s not as hot like the missus is, but still hotter than your mum.

I have low tolerance for minah gedik-gedik. One of these days, I’m really gonna lose it and run one over with a Caterpillar. Except for Kat McPhee of course. She can gedik-gedik all she wants.

So, I'm tagging Kat Mcphee and The President of the United States of America. I'm sure they read my blog all the time.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i am minah gedik-gedik and i am not Kat McPhee. So gelek me with the Caterpillar. NOW. I dare you.

hohoho ...

BLaCkFeLiNe said...

Hmmm...Libra huh? My experience with a Libra was exhilarating and confusing..loving, romantic but sick at the same time, if I were to be wooed again, I wouldn't mind another Libra for love..when mood swings are concerned..I can never tell what the damn thing is going on..and yes! you can be mean!! and Cold!
What's with the PS2 and football btw?

9 said...


stand still while i gelek u.. *gelek*


i like playing 'em.. that is all. don't u? :p

anisism said...

i just wanna wave McPhee and Bush coz of course they're reading the blog.


Freak & Geek said...

"Love is when you wake up to a disheveled-looking missus, air liur basi et all and still think that she’s a total hottie."

I love this bit. That's wat love is all about, when u r at ur ugliest, the other half still think u r the hottest.

sob. sob. sob. me want one. want choc ice cream. lol.

Cosmic_GurL said...

"Forever is my love for my wife." --> Awwww...so sweet...
Hep! Stop obsessing over Kat McPhee lah! Shes the Queen of Gedik! Plus shes got one motha of a butt! Ahaks!

teek said...

ha! tumpah kan la lagi air atas carpet tu, kali ni air kopi lak ok? :P

just for u- kat in yellow dress today.

Angel Eyes said...

bagus sayang ur missus... appreciate her ok?

*thumbs up!*

Desparil said...

long live kat mcphee!

long live ps2 (and ps3)!

long live liv.. MAN UTD!

9 said...

nanti betol2 g. bush respond in ur blog, baru tahu.. :p

is choc ice cream a metaphor for 'hot stud'

9 said...

minah kosmik:

u jgn kutuk kat. geget u nanti.. marah la nih!


kat in yellow dress? yummy. :p

Cosmic_GurL said...

Yeah, today Kat pakai yellow dress yang seksi giler singing "I Have Nothing"...hahahahaha...She's got smthing alright!

9 said...


my missus will like wat u just said just now.


boo on the last part. :p

che'fara said...

aww..so sweet.me like.

Cosmic_GurL said...

I know how much u lurve Kat Mcphee so u can check out this page --> http://www.zabasearch.com/ai_stats.php

shell said...

oi.. since you're complaining not being tag, i tagged you :P.

kepala_angin said...

"Love is when you wake up to a disheveled-looking missus, air liur basi et all and still think that she’s a total hottie" .. telling the world that she drool in her sleep is so not the way to find redemption over that spilt coke ok. ;-)

BLaCkFeLiNe said...

nahh...dun like PS2 or football..and those words saying yr love is for yr wife forever is so great..I wish you a long lasting happy married life..
staying faithful keeps the marriage intact..right?

9 said...

che' fara:

me like u, me like looooong time. :

aweks kosmik:

i saw her in that yellow dress last nite. heheheheh

9 said...


terpulang lah kpd tahap kerajinan saya. :p


that coke spilling inicident hv been sorted out with a little TLC. hihihi.

tucing hitam:

thats what they say, and don't spill anything on her fav kapet. :p

Ina said...


anisism said...

kalu dia respon kalu, wa mau mintak dia beli pink ribbon wa laah. for 2 million. pound.

end of file.

red.blooded.woman said...

can i have a BULLSHITZ for my coming birthday?

9 said...


ha, iyo la. :p

aweks darah merah:
no, he's mine.