Friday, August 25, 2006

My Adventure of (Not) Getting Tagged IV

I saw this meme at absolutely-fuzzy's blog, and thought it has been bloody ages since I did a Meme, so here goes. I would very much like to tag eveyone who reads this but I couldn't be bothered.

I'd very much prefer you lot giving me money.

Can you name 21 people (immediate family exempted) you can think of right off the top of your head? Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21 people. Ready, Start!

1. Fiza
2. Os
3. Ruby
4. Zuardi
5. Ene
6. Izeman
7. Reena
8. Loretta
9. Sheema
10. Lillian
11. Chris
12. Nissa
13. Lizzie
14. Zamwal
15. Anna
16. Selena
17. Ajan
18. Shariz
19. James
20. Ahmad
21. Sarah


How did you meet 14?
We met in UiTM Melaka in 1995 . We were best mates right up till our graduation from UiTM Shah Alam in 2000, he left for the UK for further studies and communication was lost every since.

What would you do if you never met 6?
I probably shoot myself in the head or something to that effect as life wouldn’t be as colorful and lively as it is now. Village idiot and Court Jester rolled into one.

What would you do if 20 and 9 (the no. on the list) dated?
Oh, this is interesting. Well actually, at one point, I was egging them both on but No. 9, for some reason, said that it could never work out. It didn’t help when No. 20 was chasing this other particular skirt at that time.

Did you ever like 5?
I had a thing for her once, all for the wrong reasons, especially when she alrady had a BF. :p We’re best buddies now. She was the one who introduced me to the Missus.

Yes.. the irony amazes me too.

Would 3 and 12 make a good couple?
I’m sure they would. I have certainly not against any girl-on-girl action but It’d be weird though *Oh crap, now you’re giving me ideas.*

Describe 8:
Dedicated. She buggered off from her nice, cushy job as an NST reporter to go freelance and save the Malayan tigers.

Do you think 13 is attractive?
As much as I adore her to bits, she’s quite plain looking, more so with No. 15 around. *Sorry Liz!*.
Furthermore, she’s more like a little sister to me. Yup, a younger sister who’s 6 foot tall and bigger than you. Heh.

Tell me something about 17:
The typical old-fashioned, family man. He could also be a pain-in-the-arse as most of the time, you wouldn’t know whether to strangle him or laugh at his jokes.

Do you know any of 4’s family members?
I once met 2 of his devil nephews. Suffice to say that I never came back for another visit.

What’s 21’s favorite color?
I have no bloody idea.

What would you do if 18 just confessed he/she liked you?
Well, he should. I was his best man at his wedding.

What language does 20 speak?
Malay & English and occasionally, the language of love…. or so he thinks. Wanker! :p *Wei cepatlah khawin*

Who is 9 (the no. on the list) going out with?
Eugene. Futsal buddy and currently with an organisation that monitors illegal wildlife trade in the region. So unfortunate he’s a Gooner.

What does 16 do?
Marketing officer at Zoo Negara.

When’s the last time you talked to 13?
Ages ago, before she went to New Zealend to study Whales. Did I mention that she has her own boat, which was used in an ice-cream commercial?

What perfume does number 2 use?
I haven’t the faintest clue. *Oi, What wanking perfume do u use, mate?*

Would you ever date 7?
I could but for some reason it never happened. She lived a couple of rows from my rented apartment in Shah Alam. We became best of buddies , but the chemistry for romance was mysteriously absent.

Would you ever date 1?
I’m married to her, so … Yes? :p

Is 15 single?
No, she’s not… and all the men of the world can mourn. Your typically hottie Swedish babe, blonde, blue-eyes, and bloody gorgeous.

No. 11 and I have been plotting the BF's death for ages now. *kidding!!*

What is 19’s last name?

Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 11?
Fark! No thanks mate, even if he was a girl.

He has a hottie sister though.

What school does 3 go to?
I haven’t the faintest clue.

Where does 10 live?
Tropicana apartments, PJ.

What’s your favorite thing about 10?
Trusty frogging assistant, until she buggered-off and joined the MNS Committee. Looks hot in a bikini? Heh. :p

Have you seen number 13 naked?
No, but I wouldn't mind. Heh. :p *sorry Liz*


Freak & Geek said...

this is a hard tag.

i'm so not doing it.


juz becoz i'm too lazy to think. :-P

lilyliverbird said...

I'm here. But I shan't come back since my name is nowhere to be seen *my turn to pout*


9 said...

tanak buat sudah! *ponts tongue at F&G*

ala jgnlah merajuk. scouser kalau merajuk buruk siott. heh.

next time i put ur name 2nd, ait?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

dei thambi, why isn't my name mentioned anywhere in the list?????

*cekak pinggang yang gemok*

siap kau! i will lenyek all kataks i see with my feet or the wheels of my car from now on!

9 said...

sayang jugak korang kat aku iye? :p

Firdaus said...

mine is eau de B.O

lilyliverbird said...

update lah woi!

anttyk said...


Hahaha. This jenis meme sangat berbahaya. Leave out someone significant and you will suffer.

That's why I am not doing it too. :)

9 said...

or eau de baby saliva? :p

hang on, i hvn't received the pics yet.

yes, a lot of emo ppl out there. :p

anttyk said...

No update / post on the Crocodile Hunter?

cikPijah said...

tader new tags to be used to update this blog ker? :P

9 said...


cik pijah:
dah update la wei.