Monday, September 11, 2006

My Adventure at the Turtle Hatchery

The WWF/Malacca Fisheries Turtle Management Centre (26-27 August 2006)

MNS volunteers posing for a grop shot.

Sarah's entourage, Me and the Centre's Caretaker (chap in white)

The rescued Hawksbill & Green residing in the Centre's Pool.

The Turtle Hatchery itself.

We released about 113 Hawksbill hatchlings during the 2 day stint, with the hope that these unique & wonderful creatures will continue to survive. We were joined by 20 from Taylor's college to add to the 10 MNS volunteers I brought along with me.

Unfortunately, there were no nesting females that night, but we did receive 90 hatchlings in the early hours of sunday morning. The massive thunderstorm prevented us from releasing them that night. We had to wait till 6am till the rain stopped before releasing the current batch (the 90 was joined by another 2o or so late 'diggers' ).

We're probably going again after Hari raya, so any of you out there who are keen to help out and do your bit for conservation, drop me a line then. Let's save our natural heritage before it's all gone.


anttyk said...

Smile, 9. Smile wide wide... Like before. :D

9 said...

that smile has melted a lot of chicks out there, u know... :p

Desparil said...

who's that chick with the tenuk tshirt?

Freak & Geek said...

dude, sori.. juz got to say this..

u r still the shortest among the rest.

hehehe.. but worry not..

the cutest amongst all..


9 said...

that's sarah chong, upm vet student, mns volunteer.

well 1 out of 2 is not that bad.

kepala_angin said...

i nak ikut, but as you know, am only available for travel next year.

was intrigue to get a taste of this kind of 'adventure' after reading similar experiences from my senior.

9 said...

no worries. take ur time. in the meantime, i'll try to pester babe and the other cacklers. :p

lita said...

hey 9, nak ikut next time boleh? can i bring my niece and nephews? am sure they would love it!

9 said...

sure, no problem. we'll be going again after raya..