Monday, December 19, 2005

Liverpool's Adventure in Winning Yet Another Trophy (or not)

It is of no doubt that the English Championship is our main bread. The management knows this, the manager knows this, and the players know this. The Red Kop Army, without a shadow of a doubt, knows this.

Even before the tournament started, I viewed the World Club Championship as just another FIFA marketing ploy to rake in more money. I was of the opinion that our efforts should be focused on Benfica and Chelsea, and this little excursion to Japan was just another annoying hindrance.

However, the look on the captain’s face after the final whistle proved otherwise. I am ashamed to say that I had looked poorly on all the player's & management’s efforts in this particular tournament.

Poor lad. He didn’t think that it was just a trophy. He wanted to win it. To lift yet another cup on behalf of the team he loved.

Seeing him dejected and at loss, reminded me that Liverpool FC is all about winning trophies. Period. We do not take into account the materiality or the significance of winning something. We just try our best to win it. No questions asked.

No worries, Stevie. We still have the treble to look forward to. No mickey mouse versions this time.


Angel Eyes said...


You've been tagged by me!

9 said...

sudah dijawab. si lihat ruangan tikus keji u. =)

KaiserSoze said...

Ah, a kop...well do carry on fighting in europe...*sigh*I've come to this level-as long as its not chelski

9 said...

actually we've ALL come to conclusion that Chelski has to be stopped at whatever the cost. Yes, it has come to THIS..