Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Adventure of Being in an Awkward Position II

So there I was at Sports Planet Ampang, like every Tuesday evening having a game with the usual suspects. After half an hour of trying to display my skills ala Ronaldinho, but failing miserably (as usual), I was panting & sweating profusely.

I bade one of the lads to sub me (we had 18 people playing last evening) and proceeded to the loo to run my face under the shower because it was a humid last night and not because of the whole pack of 20’s I finished in just one day.

As I was passing one of the courts I noticed that there was a bunch of girls playing. I noted that this lot was the same ones, who like us, played every Tuesday evening. I then noticed the goal keeper was wearing a pair of red Fila shoes and playing remarkably well (for a girl).

Now, the last time that I caught a glimpse of KA, ‘the wind whisperer of the blogging community’ was way before Ramadhan, playing at the same venue. Conforming to the requirements of being an Eejit, I immediately made the assumption that this was indeed KA, although she looked much heavier than the last time. I told myself it must be due to those debes the girls had been talking about.

With unnaturally imbued confidence, I shouted, “Steady KA, jangan kasi lepas”, whilst controlling my kehenseman.

The girl glanced behind her and gave me an incredulous look from head to toe and up again before returning her concentration to the game. She must’ve thought that I was one of those horny, perverted guys at futsal centres trying to get lucky.

The first thought that came to mind was, “Sampai hati KA sombong dengan aku,” before thinking of another possibility that it was not KA in the first place.

My suspicions proved correct as I found out today that at the exact moment of the ‘Steady KA, jangan kasi lepas’ incident, KA was actually on the LRT and on her way home whilst having her own embarrassing moment.

Malunya aku.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

besor mana kemaluan tu?

-the real eejit-

hanistar77 said...

how do u know thats KA? apart from the red shoes, ramai apa yg pakai kasut tu..

teek said...

hehehehehee....steady 9! steady!
sombong betul "KA" tu. :D

kepala_angin said...

ces, just my luck to miss out being cheered by a in-the-head-good-looking 9..

so would you tegur anymore red-shoes wearing girl on the futsal court in the future?

maya said...

she is me la.. coz i played remarkably well too..and its not red Fila dear..errr..only red shoes from gombak.. <:-P

chics said...

hahahaha.The lady must be thinking
"What a bad pick up line " :P

9 said...

babe: oh, kemaluan saya agak besar pada masa itu.

hanistar77: ...but only KA wears red FILA shoes, or so i thought until last nite.

9 said...

teek: u wud think that even if i had the wrong person, "KA" wud hv smiled at me or something considering my good looks and all.

KA: oh yes indeed. i will keep trying and trying until i get the 'real' you. =)

9 said...

maya: were u there lst nite? kirim slm the one in the pink pants ya..

chics: itulah pasal.

Desparil said...

you actually yelled out "KA"? hahaha..

Elina said...

tsk tsk tsk...terlebih cool lah tu :)

9 said...

des: yes i did. 'kepala angin' was a bit too long to say while maintaining one's kehenseman

elina: idak la, terlebih malu ada la.

Leen Ash Burn said...

I just hope she doesn't mean KA as anything derogatory hehehehehe.

Maaan, I had so much trouble trying to stifle my gelak jin beragas when reading your entry hehehehe.

kepala_angin said...

9 - hehehe *tawa2 tersipu..

kitaorg selalu main either thursday or friday la, but for you, i'll try to get the team to play/train on a tuesday nite.

then you can get introduction to the other kasut-kasut kelabu/putih/merah/hitam members of my team. hehehe..

p/s: let me know when you have an excursion into FRIM next ok.

9 said...

leen: i never stayed around too long to find out.

KA (the real one): no worries la. ur guy frens takde training/game as well on thursday @ friday ke? i can join them.

p/s: there might be one on the 31st.

kepala_angin said...

9 - the boys and girls of the firm selalu training bersama-sama la, so kalu u nak join no prob.

Inn said...

before actually meeting the real KA, whenever I see a girl pakai red shoe play futsal, i always think to myself "Ni ke KA?" but then it has to be with tudung AND pakai kasut merah.

before i met roadie, every cyclist i met in ttdi i wonder, ni ke roadie?...

of course i never dare nak tegur la tak kira guy or girl. heh.

9 said...

KA: yey, tp i dunno whether i can play well whilst controlling my kehenseman.

Inn: if u happen to chance on someone menyuluh at night in chest deep mud, in the of a peat swamp for example, there's a high chance that would be me. =)