Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Adventure With The Opposite Sex I

Men don’t take hints that well. I don’t take hints that well. If you, (the women) want something from us, please do TELL. We’re not bloody mind-readers.

TELL us that you want the garbage taken out. TELL us that you want more of our attention. TELL us that you want to watch Desperate Housewives rather than the European Champions League preview.

And another thing, sulking should be prohibited. The government should make sulking illegal. Denda RM5,000 atau penjara 3 bulan, atau kedua-duanya sekali,  or something to that effect.

DO NOT drop hints and SULK afterwards when we don’t pick on it.

By god, we’ve used up all of our energy in by using all our initiative to pick you up in the first place.  

The least that you can do now is just TELL us what you want.


Sarclover said...

hi mr God's - gift - to - women,

I am linking you to my blog... find it an absolute hassle to find your comment in order to click to your page.

if sulking should be illegal, what about banning anything's that got to do with SOCCER... (EPL, FIFA, SPanish league, WORLD CUP)

;)--- Evul... VErryy..

Desparil said...

i'm reminded of one episode of malcom in the middle. the mom flipped out cos they didn't appreciate her on her birthday. in the end, the dad say "we're at the top of our game here. you will always have to tell us what to do. the only thing we can promise you is our complete obedience" or something like that.. :P

woi.. sarc.. you can ban soccer.. just don't ban football..

9 said...

sarclover: thanks. i'll link everyone elses one of these day.

wot's this abt banning footie? thats blashemous!

i just wrote abt liverpool in my previous post & u wnt to ban the 'beautiful game'.

meh sini. aku gigit kau..

9 said...

des: don't u encourage her.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

you want to make sulking a criminal offense???

oi! i'll be stuck in jail, serving the life sentence.

sulking la best, siot!!!

Sarclover said...


you so know that liverpool is somewhat a... umm... one of those teams that lose... a lot? :P~

it is still better than ARSenal of course... but c'mon man.. Liverpool?

9 said...

babe: takpe babe, if u hv to serve the life sentence, i'll serve it with u. =)

sar: why liverpool? haiya.. go through my archives la.

ponat pak cik explain.

teek said...

alaa..but that what makes us gals special (or simply the cause of headache to men), no?

there ARE things about men oso but COMPROMISE is the word :)

and sarc, please no footie (or soccer whatever ppl call it) banning.

Angel Eyes said...

link jangan tak link! hehe..

anyway, where's my banana leaf dude?

Desparil said...

dear all,

soccer is for americans. real men (and women) follow FOOTBALL. tq.

saya yang suka bola,

des the kaki bangku.

9 said...

teek: tu la pasal. tengah cuba kompromi la skrg.

angel eyes: when are u coming up to KL?

kepala_angin said...

tak kan lah nak buang sampah pun kena beritau? nampak dah penuh or start to stink gi la buang. mau tak tarik muka if benda kecik ni pun nak bersuruh. *ok tak sound bite macam ni?

btw, what's that about the girl with the red shoes? cerita la..

chics said...

I told himw hat I want. The exact thing.

The next thing I know we weren't together anymore.
Hehe.Baik I hint aje kan?

Elina said...

Sometimes, tell you men directly oso tak dapat habuk! How lah like that?

9 said...

KA: i can throw out the garbage, AFTER Miss World 2005 finals.

chics: i'm sure it wasn't, "abaaang, tolong urutkan belakang chics.."

elina: .. only then are u lot allowed to sulk.

Inn said...

penat la spelling out things directly ALL the time. if there's Desperate Housewives showing, I would hv the remote. I wont even hint. I'll just switch channel. Then u can sulk. hehe.

9 said...

inn: well considering that any EPL matches will be played on saturday/sunday nites and/or wed mornings, it is safe to say that we won't hv any prblems.

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