Friday, March 03, 2006

My Adventure During Raptor Watch 2006

It is that time of the year again where a few hundred people (including yours truly, along with the missus) converge down to Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson to wait for the fly-back of the migrating birds-of-prey.

Since it gets a bit chilly up there in the Siberias during winter, these raptors take a trip down to the sunny south to catch a bit of sunlight. Once spring comes, our feathered friends then make the return leg back their natural habitat way up north or thereabouts,by way of the straits of Malacca.

The best place to catch a glimpse of them is at Pee Dee itself. This year, I have yet again opted out of volunteering at the event. Nothing beats lazing about on my arse, under a the shade of a palm tree with a drink in hand as I watch the other volunteers run around like demented avian-flu infected chickens.

Being the resident Herpetofauna expert, I expect ONLY to be disturbed if there’s a sighting of a lizard, snake or frog.

Anyone who is free and wouldn't mind taking a sojourn down to Port Dickson, the event is held tommorow and the day after. Entrance is free and there are a crap-load of activities to participate in.

If you do decide to come, don't forget to seek out the good- looking chap lazing-about underneath a tree and give him a wave.


Desparil said...

hehe.. a newlywed travelling to pd for bird watching..

The Yoga Instructor said...

Half of the contestants from Fear Factor Malaysia Season 1 will be there to catch the raptor, renting a bungalow for an extended party at night and gonna show PD and the birds and their birds, eh.. biceps.

If I do decide to come, don't forget to seek out the good-looking girl yoga-ing by the beach, underneath a bikini and give her a wave. :P

Oh, you're bringing the missus. Just throw a smile then. :D

teek said...

"good looking chap lazing about underneath a tree"..pakcik, u left out one important part- "with my missus" :P

have fun!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i won't wave. i'll kick.

9 said...

we're not ur average, conventional couple, des.

other ppl take their partners to nice restaurants, i take mine to swamps. :p

yay, the more the merrier. u lot can carry our equipment then.. :p

9 said...

nope. she'll be volunteering for the kid's coloring contest. :p

'pakcik keluar-kan kunci siam'.

Invader Voobee said...

hhhmm go out all the way to see some apes flock around to watch some flying mammals under the hot errthian sun, .......or just stay in my homebase and devise some ghastly evil plans whilst watching the whole thing on my supercomputer.


haha naw actually that does sound like fun, but im tied with other things.

Kudzamoxi said...

honeymoon by the swamp? if that is not eco-friendly, I don't know lah 9 hehehehe

9 said...

oooh, the earthiann sun was pretty malicious yesterday.

we hv yet to go for our honeymoon yet unfortunately.

champions of mother nature usually are broke. :p

Desparil said...

so.. saw any interesting birds?

Kudzamoxi said...

aisey 9, no honeymoon yet eh? err may I suggest Kuala Selangor then, it's easily accessible, ease ur wallet for transport costs, it's eco-friendly (the kelip2 is said to be damn 'enlightening', the view at the kuala is so peaceful etc etc bla bla bla), or u can make that ur pre-honeymoon hehehe, just a suggestion lah :D

Angel Eyes said...

congrats dude!

9 said...

angel eyes:
thanks! :p

except for those macaques which keep stealing the reg. plates of ppl's car.

i'm still waiting for them to return mine.

a LOT.. but i couldn't exploit that particular situation tho.

the missus was there.

madnessinvain said...

Say, im sure the birds are aplenty in da digicam.

You know my email mate. Chop chop.

kepala_angin said...

wish could have been part of the crowd.

anyway, bila nak bawak kitaorg jungle trek up bukit gasing?

Leen Ash Burn said...

I dowan go jangletrek!

Anyway, didju see my friend? She was there too :) She says she knows you tapi tak jumpa you in PD. That tree must have been very slimming to the point of invisible eh? Heheheh

KaiserSoze said...

Have fun bro with the trip...isk..battle for the 2nd place seems to be heating up eh? too bad you guys drew with charlton the other day..sell la Crouch and get somebody who can actually score...

9 said...

Miv: birds *flap flap fly fly* or birds *woah mama phewitt!*?


bila main futsal lg? heh. nanti i confirm. this weekend u free or not?

9 said...

ptg sunday baru tiba, camner nk nampak?

liverpool's frontline is cursed somewhat. u can put that boy andriy up front for the reds and he too wud be misfiring. :(