Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Adventure During Raptor Watch 2006 II

We were late. Very late. 18 hours late according to trusty assistant. The missus and I were only able to undertake our little excursion to PD only on Sunday afternoon.

Apparently, I got my wish of not having to volunteer, as at the time of reaching Ilham resort, the other volunteers were already starting to pack up. The irony of it is that my intentions of lazing about underneath a tree somewhere went up in smoke as well.

Only a flock of Crested Honey Buzzards, catching the late afternoon’s thermals were my only reward for my tardiness. They circled around above us a couple times and then sped off to continue their journey.

As of today (and after Liverpool got dumped out of the Champions League due to their lacklustre donkey performance), the count was 2674 raptors sighted. Not a bad count for this year, although I was told the majority of the raptors were sighted over various other places except for Ilham Resort itself and over the period of one week. Maybe I did not miss out much after all.

Even as we speak, Hardcore birders (read; people who have no ther apparent life or day job) are still serving as spotters are in PD . Expect the number to increase by the weekend.

What did I learn from this year's Raptor Watch, considering I was there for only 3 hours? The next posting awaits.


kepala_angin said...

they should tambah satu lagi to the numbers tallied because you were there, you kan a raptor gak, albeit of a different kind. hehehe..

Holly Golightly Singing Moon River Softly said...

we're waiting.

9 said...

raptor ni dh hilang kuku la. paruh pun dh tumpul skrg. :p

keep on singing. i'm not finished yet.

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