Monday, March 20, 2006

My Adventure of Being A Married Man

When you make a sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship. - Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), American professor, writer and orator.

I’ve been playing husband for a month now. I say ‘play’ because I have no bloody idea of how to be a husband. I do have references with my friends who have been married for the last couple of years but their advices are more to the lines of how to effectively and effectively shag the wife. In other words, they’re advise for me are all but completely bloody useless on other matters which relates to having a successful marriage. This has somewhat resulted in me, making things up as I go.

Previously, all I knew was that my days of frolicking and galavanting with other multiple female species, were over (YM notwithstanding). That being said, I had expected that I’ll be more domesticated, to which I was prepared for.

However, there were several other issues which I wasn’t.

The first issue we had to tackle was our financial quandry. The missus can be considered ‘in-between ‘ jobs right now, so at the present moment, she’s a full time house-wife, which makes me the sole bread-winner of the family. I was never known to be a follower of budgets, which is ironic really, considering what I do for a living.

First week-in, the missus had us compiling a family budget which had me sacrificing a lot of stuff. There went my Magic: The Gathering trading cards budget, had to wave goodbye to my monthly ‘subscription’ to DC/Marvel comics. Even my membership at the Gym had to go. We also had to cut down on our travelling, which releates to fewer nocturnal excusrions.

Living in the middle of nowhere did not help the cause that much. With the government conspiring against me by reducing their petrol subsidiary, I had to find alternatives to get to the office. The petrol and toll cost was bloody murder.

In summary, we had to sacrifice a lot of stuff, things which I had enjoyed duing our bachelor/bachelorette days. I am so fortunate that the wife is a great cook. To quote my mum, “Fiza ni campak batu dengan kayu dalam periuk boleh jadi sambal tumis”. At the very least, we’ve saved a lot on food and groceries. Most of the time we eat in. Which also explains the sudden increase in the girth of my tummy.

*sigh* To think that I’ve cancelled my gym subscription.


Sarclover said...


that's some severe changes you are going through... my sympathy's out to you bro.

that means we can never meet and exchange sarcastic stories la huh???

hell.. i don't mind you bringing the missus. i will bring along any of my potential suitors. to date.. i have 3 of them lining up.. --gah betul!

teek said...

no need for the gym, just lari pagi pagi keliling taman on weekend.
bila nak g tea? and venturing into the land of Pirates! :D

*typed an advice but deleted it last minute. chickened out? maybe.

9 said...

i'm always good for sarcastic stories session.

inform la next time u come up to KL.

i'm always good any of the week. just say where n when.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

solution to financial quandary (temporary or otherwise): get yourself a girlfriend and a rich one too.

anisism said...

si 9 ni tolak batu ngan kepala kereta api pon sumer leh makan.

there, comment yang tak membina.

Desparil said...

mr 9,

just hang in there lah. rezeki di tangan tuhan..

Invader Voobee said...

Dear Fallen comrade. Padan muka.

Can't be that bad. It's just a buncha expensive cards right, and a buncha expensive comics right......right?

holy shit i'm never getting married.

Nobee said...

The adventure that u will be going through as the months go by will make indiana jones' escapades look like an evening stroll kat lake garden.

Good luck to you bro.

9 said...

le bebeh:
u filthy rich by any chance. :p

yeayy, anis commented (even tho i hv no idea what she's talking abt).

9 said...

harap2 betul la org kata rezeki org dh khawin ni lain skett. heh.

not able to forego those funky pants of yours, huh?

thank you, brader.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Well you can always start climbing stairs for sexercise. And go walkies with the wife at the taman near your housing area.

9 said...

the wife wnts to go jogging around the taman every evening but i only get home around 7.30pm.

macam maner?

Desparil said...

eh, you tired of all the malam jumaat jokes yet?

kepala_angin said...

senang jek, apa2 yg wifey suh buat, buat immediate, not 3 hours later. example, buang sampah n basuh pinggan.

KaiserSoze said...

The devil: sounds like its all about YOU making the sacrifice jer..heheh. How bout her trip to the salon, makeup etc?..hehehe

p/s;I've conducted a study over a period of 1 quarter & discovered it is cheaper to tapau lauk (cook the rice at home) than cooking (u still have to buy groceries unless ur mum is literally right i.e u guys just need batu & kayu..hehehe)

9 said...

can't get enough of it.

..but north shore is on.

she still goes... *confused look*