Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Adventure of Being a Married Man II

Strange things have been happening around the house recently. Incidents which I cannot explain but strangely enough, resulted in the same, exact response from the wife. After a few days of deliberating on it, I have finally come to the conclusion that it might be from my own doing.

Though I don’t see the problem in the first place, the wife has been getting annoyed at me for actions of mine, which I find to be normal. Maybe someone out there could tell me what & where I did wrong here because I just don’t see it.

Incident #1.
Me: Do I look good in this tie?
Wife: Yes, very handsome.
Me: All the chicas mesti tergolek-golek caiir nengok I smart camni
Wife: *snarl*

Incident #2.
Wife: Sayang, tolong sidaikan baju yang I baru basuh tu.
Me: Ait.
Me: Shite! *after dropping one of the wife’s pants on the muddy ground.*
Wife came to check..
Wife: Eh, apa pasal kotor ni.
Me: *with innocent look on face* Eh, bukan memang macam ni ke?
Wife: Jangan nak menipu, you jatuhkan tadi ke?
Me: Heheh
Wife: Nak cuba tipu I pulak! *snarl*

Incident #3.
Wife: What are you doing with that? *pointing at my bantal busook*
Me: I can’t sleep without it la.
Wife: Dah besar2 macam ni pon, nak pakai bantal busook lagi. Dah khawin pulak tu. Peluk la je I.
Me: I peluk dua2 la.
Wife: Meh sini bantal ni, I buang malam ni jugak! *making a grab for it*.
Me: Nooooooo… *trying to save my pillow but to no avail*

I still don't see whats all the fuss is about. :(


kepala_angin said...

how come only after a month baru wifey discovered your bantal busuk?

Sarclover said...

eeeee... dah besar pun ada bantal busoookkk????


i cannot comment much laaa... i am not married. for all you know, your wifey would be snarling at me if we meet one day..

* Scary...*

KaiserSoze said...

hahahah...all too familiar experience indeed (err..except the bantal busok part, ditched mine abt 25 years ago)...the wonders and joy of being married...the joy on their part & the wondering on ours....


che'fara said...

hah?still got bantal busok ka?

sama ar kita.gimme five.tapi i takpe coz tak kawin lagi.hikhik.

Invader Voobee said...

Women are eeeeeeeeevil. They are onto us!!!

9 said...

i 'cover-line' baiiik punyer.

if u suddenly went & sat on my lap, of course then the wife wud be snarling. :p

9 said...

let's face it, man. we don't wear the pants. never did and never will.


che' fara:


9 said...

baru sedar ke? funny, i thot u already knew, considering that u hv 3 sisters.. hehehe

anisism said...

*piaaaaaaaaaaak 360 degrees terpusing*

Sarclover said...


uih.. handal sungguh andaian kamu.

i will only be on one of my suitor's lap.. hehe.. so that one is cleared

Freak & Geek said...

that's a good one, dude..

bantal busuk? what kaler? or u can't even remember the original color?

can't wait for the misadventure part 3!

Nobee said...


Snarl 1.

Insecurity. - Mane taknye, not only will the chicas cair, siap tegolek lagi tu.

Snarl 2.

Frustration. - Pasal hubby fail the sidai baju test so wifey kene la buat sendiri after this.

Snarl 3.

Competition/Rivalry. - Mane bole share peluk2 ni bro...Asking for trouble tu :)

And the fusses are gonna keep on coming....

9 said...

*blows anis a kiss* :p

my imagination has a will of its own sumtimes. heh.

9 said...

it's blue... i think.

still doing it.

can't play hobo's 'i suck at this chore' trick. i married one of the clever ones.

Angel Eyes said...

bantal busyuuuk? oooohh.. la, la... i pn ada, but my bantal is wangi laaa... haha, i've 8 pillows altogether!

nyeh, nyeh.. jgn sesapa cuba nak buang all my bantals! nanti kena sepak!


Kudzamoxi said...

9, lol can't stop myself grinning reading ur entries on ur misadventures hehehe, very 'enlightening'!
u'll get the hang of it nanti laaa hehehe but err bantal busyukk?? I somehow agree with ur wife on this one! Sorry! :D
The rest? take a baby step eachh day and take a deeeep breath everyyy tiiiimeeee hehehehe

Leen Ash Burn said...

So maybe your discarded bantal busuk will meet mine (My mom is so eviiiiil) and they can hookup in Bantal Busuk Heaven maybe?

ps: I like your wife already! Hehe

anisism said...


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

ei, i nak tempe goreng tau.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hahahahaha! I can only sleep when I have 3 pillows around me. Like a fort u know..Gosh! U mean I have to give up my pillows and hug my husb after I got married? I better fatten him up soon!

maya said...

more to come.. dont worry thats the beauty of sharing life..
wow! bagusnya..tolong sidai baju..that is so manly thing to do..

Sarclover said...

9! I am coming to KL this weekend... tolong emailkan lu punya henpon number untuk bertogether2 dengan your wifey and one of my three suitors!

boy.. sure wish you would read this one before the weekend.

9 said...

wah, potential suitors all lining up, eh?

i might hv something on during the weekend, but just give me a call anyways.

sidai baju pon considered manly ke? i thot all we had to do was just burp and scratch our groin to look manly. :p

9 said...

pelok dia cukup2!

babe: tempe goreng? u ingat i ni kilang tempe ke? :p

9 said...

*kiss kiss*

my bantal busook haven't died yet. it's still there in the next room.

9 said...

will u b taking all ur pillows wit u when u move to kay ell?

so sneaking into ur hermit hutt in the middle of night is out of the question la?