Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Adventure During Raptor Watch III

Being the jolly, observant chap I am, I could not fail to make some interesting observations while at Tanjung Tuan the other week. I thought I was barfing mad at first but after 3 events, and having a repeat of the same premise of observation, I was able to come to some sort of conclusion.

Humans tend to flock together, much like antelopes would when they knew that they were being stalked by a pride of lions in the african savannah. Most notably;

#1. Hardcore Birders

These are the individuals who wake up at 5 bloody am on a Sunday morning to drive 50 bloody kms (give or take a few km) in order to go for bird-watching. The experienced ones are walking bird-dictionaries, able to precisely identify the species of a bird from sight and sound.

Conservation/Mutant Power(s):

Have the ability to fly.

How to spot them:
Can be found sporting camo fatigues, the mandatory towel around the neck and their RM8,000 Swarvoski scopes.

#2. Volunteers (Specialist)

Then you have those specialising in certain areas like Marine, Botany or Caving etc. They tend to chip in once in a while when they themselves are either; not indisposed with their own activities or not being quick enough to come up with an excuse when asked to assist.

Conservation/Mutant Power(s):
Depending on their speciality, has the ability to walk on water, sprout ferns from the ears or generate stalagmites out from the ground.

How to spot them:
Being experienced has it downside as most are asked to man the booths or take charge of a particular activity i.e. nature walk, lucky draw, selling the t-shirts or being the MC for the day.

#3. Volunteers (Ordinary)

Every event need cheap labour. If Rock & Roll bands have roadies, well we have the volunteers. People, who, when instructed run around like, and I quote, ‘demented avian-flu inflicted chickens’. One good thing about this lot is they they require not a bloody much to maintain. You don’t have to feed them or better yet, pay them. They feed on enthusiasm and get their energy directly from the sun.

Conservation/Mutant Power(s):

Powers still yet to develop.

How to spot them:
Since someone has to do all the dirty work, can usually be spotted being ordered to carry out the odd jobs.

#4. Herpetofauna Coordinator

By golly, the most charming and good-looking chap at the event. During his bachelor days, spent most of his time chatting up the cute volunteers and visitors. Once believed that the female visitors are there to see him, and not the raptors.

Conservation/Mutant Power(s):

He has the uncanny ability to avoid work at all times.

How to spot him:
The chap sitting under the tree with a glass of drink in his hand.

* Yes, he knows that he missed much of the action this year but is even now making preparations for next year’s event so that he can yet again bum off.


Desparil said...

"chatting up the cute volunteers"

so.. that's how the Herpetofauna Coordinator found someone to marry him, eh?

teek said...

i think u should add under the 'how to spot' herpetofauna coordinator: Only 18 hours after the event starts.


Sarclover said...

maybe i should be a volunteer.

no big cats watch eh??

ohh.. tigers don't migrate..

* Cat person feels sheepish... :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

birds bore the beejesus out of me.

write about butterflies, write about crocodiles, or even snakes.

those would be more interesting.

ps. tolong stop meroyan ye.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

oh by the way, i noticed the dwindling commentaries in your blog and if i may be bold enough to suggest that perhaps it is time you consider in re-vamping your content or even shut it down?

9 said...

des: oh no, i chatted up the missus on a non-MNS event. heh

the missus had me domesticated la. the lateness was due to my domestication. :p

9 said...

actually i'm no avid bird-watcher myself though i give exceptance to eagles ans such.

ok-lah, next time i'll regal u wit stories of snakes, crocs and errr.. butterflies.


9 said...

i can't close this blog down, i'll be deprived of the attention.

i'll post something more interesting than a posting on birds next time.

now, where's that book on women's multiple organsm?...

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

multiple orgasm is good. while you're at it, please look up 'venus butterfly' too.