Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our Adventure of Finding Graffiti


One of the endearing trait of a selected number of Malaysians is the ability to scribble/deface public property. Usually, any public edifice (usually secluded and away from the athorities' eyes) would be fair game for these artsy individuals.

Of course, we all know about the fanciful artwork which can be found behind the cubicle doors of our infamous public toilets. Not contended with being an OSHA violation, it also provides a venue for these aspiring public artistes to express their talents as well as providing us with reading material whilst on the crapper.

As I found out last Sunday, it seems that our repressed art-loving society have not limited themselves to the khazis. It was in Bukit Gasing whilst on my hike with Babe and KA, that we chanced upon a watch tower, which had fell 'victim' to these artsy individuals. The tower’s main objective of providing a scenic view of the surrounding hills and valleys, was literally eclipsed by the amount of graffiti adorning it. Every bloody inch was covered in artwork.

Most of the scribbling were amorous in nature; it seems that Malaysians are wont to announce their feelings towards their other-halves in a literary manner. It’s not enough to just verbally express such feelings; one has to inscribe one's undying love, preferably at a public place for the entire world to see.

"Hu Ling *heart* Syamsul"

A more jiwang karat version would have an arrow through the *heart* . We did notice however, that some of the 'love pledges' had one of the names cancelled out. The weird thing was not of the break-up itself but the obvious fact that one of the couple had actually remembered to come back to the watch tower (in which they had originally expressed their love) and had cancelled his or her name off.

The scribbling weren’t limited to amorous couples though; it was also the venue for one to express anger. Why, in the first place, would someone, who is obiously pissed off with something, take the effort to climb all the way up Bukit Gasing (armed with a liquid paper, the essential tool of graffiti artiste ), and express their angst on the tower?

“Mati kau Cikgu Razlan botak!”

Now, I have no idea what Cikgu Razlan to deserve such accolades, but suffice to say it may have been something really, really horrible. This particular announcement was followed by a request to burn the follicle-challenged person's car. This particular artiste was helpful enough to include the car’s plate number.

Finally, there's our favorite graffiti. The sex offers.These are offers made by some aspiring p.i.m.p. daddy who, I suspect, after soliciting the wares himself, was kind enough to share it with his fellow Malaysians. Berkongsi amalan mulia indeed.

“Kong**k free, sedap giler”

According to KA, one of the numbers was the infamous 017 errr… services. I was tempted to ask how she knew about it.

However, the most hilarious and I believe deserves to be in a genre of its own is the services providing a free punch-up.

“Kalau nak gaduh, anytime boleh”

This was followed by a list of names of the wannabe kaki pukul, ( no Messrs Norton or Pitt though) ever ready to kick your arse at a time and place of your choosing. Included in the graffiti was the contact numbers, and methods in which you would like your arse kicked.

Malaysia is a nation of multi-ethnicity, religiously diverse and culturally wealthy. From the cries of Malaysia Boleh in support of the nation’s struggle for sporting excellence to the annual haze filled days, courtesy of our neighbors, Malaysia is indeed unique in its own right. Chuck in the crappy graffiti culture in and you will find that there is no place like home in Malaysia.

Think of how much this lot save on advertising fees.


anisism said...

penat aku terpekik terlolong terlompat terkinja menyokong team hoki. malaysia boleh.

boleh la sangat.

eh? salah topic eh?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

you mean we actually went up the watch tower??? how come i don't remember going up the tower? how come i don't remember the graffiti?

wei!!! the altitude got me all delirious! camne nak conquer nimchi bazaar ni!!!!

Sarclover said...

i love that grafitti! it makes sense.. Haha!

by the way.. should come over to Larkin flat. enter the realm of the disturbing grafitti sketches and such...

sometimes you can just scare yourself to hell with all those penises and what nots.

teek said...

sian cikgu razlan, as if his botakness is not torturous enough now he has to suffer all his life with a death curse. die la..

9 said...

bronze is good enough wat?

i'll say. :p

9 said...

sarc.. did u just sat penis? hihihi

u forgot abt the car burning bit.

Sarclover said...

umm... yes?

Nobee said...

Hmm...had always wondered whether the numbers given are real...

* Not that I wanna take up the offer la :)*

9 said...

that is scary... and they tend to exaggerate on the size, as well.

go on, hv a go at it.

psst, tell me about it afterwards. :p